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Physical Therapy Exercises

Physical therapy exercises may be painful at first, but it's worth it to help you regain strength after an injury. Explore common exercises you can do at home that can speed up recovery.
Two women fitness walking exercise
Looking for a Minimal Stress Workout? Try Low-Impact Exercise
woman doing plyometric box jump in gym
8 High-Impact Exercises to Burn Calories and Get in Shape
Surgical Repair for Pectus Excavatum
PT Exercises for Pectus Excavatum
Man clutching ankle injury
Physical Therapy Exercises for Achilles Tendonitis
Woman holding knee in pain
Exercises To Prevent an ACL Tear
Hiker holding sprained knee
Exercises for Patellar Tendonitis
man holding his ribs appearing to be in pain
Costochondritis Pain? Physical Therapy Can Help
Neck pain medical exam.
Physical Therapy for Cervical Radiculopathy: Rehab for a Pinched Nerve
Woman holding knee in pain
How to Treat an MCL Sprain
A physical therapist working a a young woman's hip or leg
Hip Bursitis Physical Therapy: Here's What to Expect
Physiotherapist checking knee of female patient stock
Rheumatoid Arthritis Physical Therapy: 9 Exercises to Try
Woman exercising on a foam roller
Physical Therapy Tools of the Trade: Which Do You Need?
woman doing kneeling hip flexor stretch
Try These Exercises to Help With Hip Tendonitis
Exercises for Knee Pain - Illustration by Laura Porter
Medial Knee Pain Exercises
medial ankle pain
Ankle Arthritis: Exercises to Get Relief
Photo of a woman stretching her groin.
Hip Pain Exercises and Stretches
Photo of a woman performing a bridge exercise.
Physical Therapy Exercises for Hip Pain
Physical therapist working with a man in parallel bars
How Are Parallel Bars Used in Rehab and Physical Therapy?
Blood pressure cuff picture.
Blood Flow Restriction Training: Low Loads With High Gains
Photo of a woman PT speaking with a patient on a treadmill.
Back It Up: Benefits of Reverse Walking in the PT Clinic
Photo of older people performing balance exercises.
Otago Exercises in Physical Therapy Can Help Improve Balance
Photo of a woman helping a man with gait training.
Problems with Gait or Walking? Your PT Can Help
Photo of PT examining a woman's knee.
PT Exercises After Microfracture Surgery
Hand and Wrist Exercises With Household Items
Photo of a man getting knee PT.
Rehab for a Patellar Tendon Rupture
Young man exercise with cat on his back
Balance Physical Therapy: Exercises, Equipment, and More
Stretching the foot with an exercise strap
Foot and Ankle Stretches for Warm-Ups and Heel Spurs
Photo of a man examination a patient's knee.
PT Exercises to Rehab Your Knee After a Meniscus Injury
Seated ankle dorsiflexion and calf stretch to prevent shin spints
Stretches to Ease and Prevent Shin Splints
Photo of a doctor examining a foot.
Get Started on Your Lisfranc Fracture Rehab With These PT Exercises
Photo of a physical therapist examining a patient's Achilles tendon
Physical Therapy Tools and Treatments for Achilles Tendon Tear
Elderly woman being helped in bed.
Improve Bed Mobility With This Exercise Program
Man holding injured knee, cropped
The Best Exercises After Your Knee Arthroscopy
Your PT can prescribe the right exercises for your hip pain from FAI.
PT Exercises for Hip Pain From FAI
Photo of a man examining a woman's ankle.
Physical Therapy Exercises for Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
Rheumatologist examining the hand of a patient after surgery carpal tunnel.
4 Tendon Gliding Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Relief
Photo of a man performing calf raises in a gym.
Components of a PT Exercise Program for Achilles Tendon Tear
Woman practicing pigeon pose
Exercise Program for Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome
Woman feeling dizzy in waiting room
An Easy Way to Test Your Balance and Vestibular Function
Healthcare workers with senior woman using walker
What Is the Timed Up and Go Test?
Man performing shoulder exercises with a physical therapist
Exercises to Rehab From a Shoulder Injury or Surgery
Photo of woman's ankle on treadmill.
How a Physical Therapy Exercise Progression Helps Ankle Fractures
woman doing Twisting situps
3 Exercises to Keep Your Abs Strong
Woman suffering from shoulder pain
Get Your Shoulder Rehab Started With the Right Exercises
Photo of a woman spinning in vertigo.
Brandt-Daroff Exercises to Triumph Over Vertigo
Photo of a man with an amputation talking to a doctor.
Desentization Exercises After Limb Amputation
Use prone hanging to increase knee extension range of motion.
Improve Your Knee Extension ROM After Surgery With This Exercise
Photo of hand gripping therapy putty
Therapy Putty Exercises Can Improve Your Carpal Tunnel Symptoms
Photo of woman with elbow pain working with her PT.
4 Easy Exercises to Improve Elbow Range of Motion and Mobility
caretaker helping senior woman stand up from a chair.
How to Get Up From a Seated Position
Senior couple holding hands and walking in park
How the 6 Minute Walk Test Measures Your Endurance
Physical therapist stretching patient's knee
Exercises You Should Do When Rehabbing Your Knees
Woman suffering from shoulder pain, France
Isometric Shoulder Exercises to Jump Start Your Rotator Cuff Rehab
Photo of a women exercising in quadruped
Shoulder Weight-Bearing Exercises for Balance
Full Length Of Young Woman Doing Yoga Against White Background
McKenzie Exercises Your Physical Therapist Uses to Treat Low Back Pain
A man and woman using training in a field using isometrics.
Isometric Exercise in Physical Therapy
Image of a woman holding her shoulder.
Progress Through Your Shoulder Rehab with These Exercises
Straight Leg Raise with Full Resistance
Safely Progress Your SLR Exercise After Injury or Surgery
Looking down while texting. 159230825.JPG
Is Your Handheld Device Causing Neck Pain? Physical Therapy May Help
Mature woman boxing with coach in gym
5 Exercises to Rehab Your Boxer's Fracture