Woman stretching mans leg for therapy

Physical Therapy Exercises

Physical therapy exercises may be painful at first, but it's worth it to help you regain strength after an injury. Explore common exercises you can do at home that can speed up recovery.
Photo of a woman PT speaking with a patient on a treadmill.
Reverse Walking on the Treadmill for Physical Therapy
Photo of older people performing balance exercises.
Otago Exercises for Balance
Photo of a woman helping a man with gait training.
Physical Therapy Exercise Program for Gait
Photo of PT examining a woman's knee.
Physical Therapy Exercise Program After Microfracture Surgery
Hand and Wrist Exercises With Household Items
Photo of a man getting knee PT.
Physical Therapy Exercises After Patellar Tendon Rupture
Young man exercise with cat on his back
Balance Exercises in Physical Therapy
Stretching the foot with an exercise strap
Foot and Ankle Stretches for Warm-Ups and Heel Spurs
Photo of a man examination a patient's knee.
Physical Therapy Exercises for a Knee Meniscus Tear
Seated ankle dorsiflexion and calf stretch to prevent shin spints
Stretches for Preventing and Treating Shin Splints
Photo of a doctor examining a foot.
Exercise Program for Lisfranc Fracture
Photo of a physical therapist examining a patient's Achilles tendon
Physical Therapy Tools for Achilles Tendon Tear
Elderly woman being helped in bed.
Exercises to Improve Bed Mobility
Man holding injured knee, cropped
Exercises After Knee Arthroscopy – Physical Therapy
Your PT can prescribe the right exercises for your hip pain from FAI.
Physical Therapy Exercises for FAI and Hip Impingement
Photo of a man examining a woman's ankle.
Physical Therapy Exercises for PTT Dysfunction
Rheumatologist examining the hand of a patient after surgery carpal tunnel.
4 Tendon Gliding Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Relief
Photo of a man performing calf raises in a gym.
PT Exercises for Achilles Tendon Tear
Woman practicing pigeon pose
Exercise Program for Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome
Man performing leg raise while physical therapist looks on
Knee Replacement Surgery: How to Prepare
Woman feeling dizzy in waiting room
The Fukuda Step Test for Vestibular Function
Healthcare workers with senior woman using walker
Timed Up and Go (TUG) Test: Uses, Procedure, Results
Man performing shoulder exercises with a physical therapist
Rehab Exercises for Shoulder Pain
Photo of woman's ankle on treadmill.
Rehabilitation Exercise Program for a Broken Ankle
woman doing Twisting situps
Physical Therapy Abdominal Exercises
Woman suffering from shoulder pain
Post Operative Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises
Photo of a woman spinning in vertigo.
Brandt Daroff Exercises for Vertigo
Stapled incision site on a man's lower back
Low Back Surgery: Recovery
Photo of a man with an amputation talking to a doctor.
Desentization Exercises After Limb Amputation
Use prone hanging to increase knee extension range of motion.
Get Full Knee Extension With the Prone Hang Exercise
Photo of hand gripping therapy putty
Using Therapy Putty to Improve Carpal Tunnel and More
Photo of woman with elbow pain working with her PT.
PT Exercises to Improve Elbow Range of Motion
caretaker helping senior woman stand up from a chair.
Tips for Safely Getting Up From a Chair
Senior couple holding hands and walking in park
How the 6 Minute Walk Test Works in Physical Therapy
Physical therapist stretching patient's knee
Exercises You Should Do When Rehabbing Your Knees
Woman suffering from shoulder pain, France
Isometric Shoulder Exercises
Photo of a women exercising in quadruped
Closed Kinetic Chain Shoulder Exercises
Full Length Of Young Woman Doing Yoga Against White Background
McKenzie Exercises for Low Back Pain
A man and woman using training in a field using isometrics.
Isometric Exercise in Physical Therapy
Image of a woman holding her shoulder.
Exercises to Perform After Shoulder Surgery
Straight Leg Raise with Full Resistance
Straight Leg Raising Exercises After Knee Surgery
Looking down while texting. 159230825.JPG
Physical Therapy for Neck Pain Caused by Texting
The lateral key grip with Digi-Flex.
Exercises to Improve Grip Strength in the Hand
Mature woman boxing with coach in gym
Exercise Program After a Boxer's Fracture
A woman in physical therapy
Post-Operative Exercises After Hip Replacement
Photo of a woman stretching
Ankle Exercises and PT for Ankle Injuries
A woman stretching her foot
Foot and Ankle Exercises for Injury Recovery and Prevention
straight leg raises
How to Do a Straight Leg Raise in Physical Therapy
A physical therapist taking notes with his patient
Games Your Physical Therapist Plays in the Therapy Clinic
Photo of a woman talking to a dentist about jaw pain.
Exercise Program for TMJ Pain
Senior woman holding hand weight, physiotherapist helping.
An Overview of Physical Therapy Exercises