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Physical Therapy

Recovery from a broken bone or surgery will likely require physical therapy. It's hard work, but can speed up your recovery. Learn what to expect during rehab and find useful tips to make it easier.

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Photo of a PT holding a woman with a gait belt.
What Is a Gait Belt and How Does Your Physical Therapist Use It?
Photo of a man receiving care at home.
What is Post Intensive Care Syndrome, And How Can PT Help?
Dry needling being performed on a woman's back
Dry Needling: Uses, Side Effects, Procedure, Results
Photo of a senior man with shoulder pain being examined by a PT.
Biceps Tendonitis? Here's How PT Can Help
Photo of a man performing a bench press.
Pectoralis Rupture: What to Expect from Physical Therapy
Your body seems to be recovering well
How Do You Know If You Need Physical Therapy?
physical therapist
How an Orthopedic Physical Therapist Can Help With Your Injuries
Photo of a physical therapist stretching a patient's hip.
Physical Therapy & Sexual Misconduct: What to Know
Electrical stimulation applied to a woman's rotator cuff.
6 Ways Your PT Uses Electrical Stimulation
A doctor is examining a patient's shoulder while he lies on a table
Special Diagnostic Tests for Shoulder Pain
Photo of a physical therapist examining a woman's foot.
How Physical Therapy Can Help Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
Therapeutic ultrasound
This is How Your Physical Therapist Uses Ultrasound
Doctor using sonogram on patient
Will Therapeutic Ultrasound Work for You?
Photo of woman getting ultrasound in physical therapy.
Modalities Physical Therapists Use to Treat Injuries
Boxer with scubs on knuckles, close up, mid section, studio shot
How to Get Better With Therapy After Your Boxer's Fracture
young physical therapist helping a male client
Different Types of Physical Therapy Can Help After Knee Replacement
Photo of a woman running with hip pain.
Hip Pain From FAI? Physical Therapy Can Help
Photo of woman getting ultrasound in physical therapy.
Physical Therapy Modalitiy: Phonophoresis
Physical therapist working with a woman on steps
Total Knee Replacement Rehab in the Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic
Range of Motion
How Does Your Physical Therapist Measure Range of Motion?
Photo of a woman and a PT with a walker.
How a Physical Therapist Helps With Functional Mobility
Physiotherapist massaging woman's leg using tools
What Is Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)?
A PT may help you while in the emergency room.
The Role of Physical Therapists in the Emergency Room
Photo of an athlete doing a box jump.
Week by Week ACL Rehab Protocol
Physical therapist taking notes with patient examination room
The Painful Arc in Your Shoulder-What Does it Mean?
Photo of injectable medicine.
How Do Physical Therapists Administer Medication With Iontophoresis?
Caregiver helping a man with crutches.
Outcome Measurment Tools in Physical Therapy
Woman rubbing sore neck
Centralization of Pain in Physical Therapy
Physical therapist taking notes with patient examination room
The Meaning of the Letters That Follow Your PT's Name
Physical therapist working with man exercising
PT in the Outpatient Clinic for Transverse Myelitis
Photo of a nurse comforting patient with a broken foot.
Weight-Bearing Restrictions and Activity After Surgery
Empty whirlpool tubs in a bright room
Whirlpool Use in the Physical Therapy Clinic
Physical therapist in gym with patient
Understanding How a BAPS Board Is Used in Physical Therapy
Elderly woman in a hospital bed.
Acute Care Physical Therapy Overview
physical therapist assessing ankle mobility on patient
The Benefits of Physical Therapy After Fracture Hardware Removal
Mid adult woman receiving an MRI Scan.
Do You Need an MRI Before Starting PT?
Photo of a man with an amputation talking to a doctor.
The Role of the FIM in Physical Therapy
Woman with hand on bare shoulder, close-up
What Is the AC Joint Compression Test?
A therapist stretching a patient's shoulder.
Neer's Test for Rotator Cuff Impingement
Woman in green driving a car
Learn About Driving After an Orthopedic Injury or Surgery
Photo of a girl balancing on a log.
Measure Your Balance With the Functional Reach Test
Physical therapist performing anterior drawer test on patient
Do You Have an ACL Tear? Find Out With the Anterior Drawer Test
Wall sitting exercise urban outdoor gym in NYC
How Isometric Exercises Can Benefit You Without Stressing Your Joints
tennis elbow
Tendonitis: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
Senior man walking in a forest
Which Walking Aid Is Best for You?
Senior woman suffering from pain in knees at home. Holding her knee and massaging with hands, feeling exhausted, sitting on sofa in living room. Close-up. Medications and pills on table
Knee Ligament Tests to Determine Causes of Knee Pain
Senior woman and therapist work on her knee
See the Generally Accepted Values for Normal Range of Motion (ROM)
Male patient lying on massage table with leg held by massage therapist
Lower Extremity Special Tests Your PT May Use
x ray of a person's knee
Flexion Occurs When Your Muscle Contracts
Physical therapist helping woman do a walking exercise
These Are the 7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Physical Therapist
Painful shoulder conditions may need physical therapy to help return to normal.
Understanding 3 Upper Extremity Special Tests
Woman leaning on a ballet bar
How a Physical Therapist Can Help You Improve Your Proprioception
A woman holding her knee while sitting down
Learn About What Joint Hyperextension Is
Woman doing physical therapy with trainer
How to Get Back to Normal After an Elbow Fracture
Pain therapy with TENS
6 Types of Electrical Stimulation Used in PT
A doctor examining a patients foot
How Is Paresis Managed in Physical Therapy?
Photo of a woman with ice on her knee.
Learn How Long You Should Be Icing an Injury to Reduce Inflammation
Doctor examining patient's foot and ankle
What to Expect From Physical Therapy After an Ankle Fracture
Photo of senior woman rising from a chair.
What Physical Therapy Is All About
Physical therapy session
How Do You Know if You Need Physical Therapy?