PillPack: A Pharmacy at Your Fingertips

This is a daily packet from PillPack.

Note from Mary Shomon: I don’t have any relationship with this company, but I get so many complaints from patients about remembering to take thyroid medications, or the time it takes to get refills—as well as helping their family do the same—that when I heard about this company, PillPack, I just had to share the information with readers. It has the potential to save a great deal of time!!

Purchasing, organizing, and remembering to take multiple medications at the right time is a frustrating, time-consuming and sometimes dangerous task for many people. Did I take that pill yet? Which am I supposed to take now? 

If you are a chronic disease patient who requires daily medication — as is the case for most thyroid patients – or you have family members such as elderly relatives who need help staying on track with their prescriptions, one company – PillPack is aiming to take the guesswork — and the legwork—out of dispensing needed medications.

PillPack was launched in 2014 to offer consumers, safe, error-free access to their medications — without leaving home.

Meeting a Growing Need

According to the Mayo Clinic News Network, seven of every ten Americans take prescription drugs. More than 50 percent of patients in this country take two medications, and at least twenty percent take five or more medications.

Most patients who are hypothyroid, due to Hashimoto’s, or after Radooactive Iodine (RAI) or thyroid surgery, require daily thyroid hormone replacement medication in order to survive. Forgetting to take your thyroid medication can have serious implications on your health and well-being.

For seniors, and many of us with chronic conditions, each day brings the challenge of taking the right medications—at the right time. Refilling prescriptions can involve phone tag with doctors’ offices and pharmacies, and one or more trips to the local pharmacy, not to mention waiting in lines, or resolving mistakes in prescriptions.

For those who don’t have the time or energy to keep multiple medications straight, and handle the refill process, PillPack is a licensed, full-service pharmacy that might be able to do the job for you.

With its pharmacy and distribution center in New Hampshire, PillPack is a traditional pharmacy that takes advantage of new technologies. New packaging techniques enable PillPack to deliver a two-week supply of your medications— identified, and individually packaged by day and even hour—to your door.

How PillPack Works

PillPack operates like your local pharmacy. Your physician can call in your prescription. You can have a prescription transferred to PillPack. Or you can send a prescription to PillPack directly.

PillPack ships you your prescriptions via UPS for free, in a tamper-proof, unmarked cardboard box.

Inside your shipment every two weeks a plastic, recyclable dispenser, that contains a roll of tear-off plastic packets that contain your pre-sorted medications. (The outside of the dispenser has pictures of your medications printed on it.)

Each packet is identified by the date and time it should be taken, and lists the medications included inside. You don’t need to fill up pillboxes or pill sorters for daily or weekly medications.

The dated packets help patients take the appropriate medications on time—and reduce the chance of a missed dose.

PillPack also ships inhalers, over-the-counter medications, vitamins and other items. PillPack ships insulin, and needles for insulin pens via UPS overnight when temperature controlled packaging is needed. PillPack can fill most brands of vitamins and supplements and is more than willing to try and source a product based on your preference.

PillPack offers a service called Proactive Refill Management that allows them to work with your prescriber to ensure you experience no medication gaps.

PillPack makes use of automation to ensure prescriptions are filled quickly and accurately. Licensed pharmacists then recheck prescriptions. Multi-level quality control gives pharmacists time to speak with customers, and ensure that you receive the medications you are prescribed—on time.

PillPack also offers a 100-percent on-time guarantee, or you are refunded the cost of medications in your shipment.

As with all pharmacies, your personal information and PillPack account are private and HIPAA compliant.

Of Interest to Thyroid Patients

PillPack stated that they specifically fill and deliver prescriptions for both Armour Thyroid and Nature-Throid.


There are no subscription fees for PillPack. As noted, shipping from PillPack is free. For your medications, you pay your regular insurance co-pays. Billing is handled through your insurance company.


PillPack is not currently licensed in Oregon, or Oklahoma, and does not ship to Hawaii or Puerto Rico. All other states are served by PillPack.


When you need a medication right away, or only for a short-term limited period, such as an antibiotic, PillPack recommends that you still use your local pharmacy.

At this time, PillPack does not offer compounded medication, or work with compounding pharmacies to source medication.

PillPack does not fill schedule II prescriptions, but does fill and deliver schedule III, IV, and IV medications.

The dispenser is not childproof.

Getting Signed Up With PillPack

It is easy to sign up for a PillPack account at their site, www.pillpack.com. If you are a caregiver, you can sign up to manage the account of your family member, or friend. For yourself, or for someone else, PillPack also invites you to call them, at 1-855-745-5725 for more information.