From liposuction to reconstructive procedures, learn about your plastic surgery options, pre- and post-operative care, and more.
From liposuction to reconstructive procedures, learn about your plastic surgery options, pre- and post-operative care, and what you can expect during your recovery.
silicone breast implant
Silicone and Its Use in Breast Implants
woman getting facial injection
Botox Alternatives for Smoothing Wrinkles
Woman getting Botox injection in forehead
Why Some People Are Immune to the Effects of Botox
Man having plastic surgery consultation
Common Types of Plastic Surgery for Men
Healthcare worker holding breast implants
Capsulotomy in Breast Implant Surgery Overview
Doctor examining bandaged woman after plastic surgery
Capsulectomy: Preparation, Recovery, Long-Term Care
Woman getting tattoo removed
How Q-Switched Lasers Are Used
intravenous sedation during surgery
Intravenous (IV) Sedation Uses and Benefits
Laser hair removal.
Selective Photothermolysis for Skin Conditions
Profile of female mouth and nose.
Hypodermis of the Skin Anatomy and Physiology
Woman wrapping her lower leg
Venous Ulcer Overview: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
Woman having laser treatment
How the Fraxel Procedure Works
Woman looks at her loose abdominal skin from weight loss in the mirror
Panniculectomy (Skin Removal Surgery): Prep and Recovery
Blue Eye of Elderly Woman
How to Prevent and Treat Rhytids or Wrinkles
Portrait of female surgeon standing in operation theater
The 10 Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures
Woman having surgery on her face
Understanding the Risks of Plastic Surgery
A young child with a cleft palate
Different Types of Cleft Palates
MRSA infection after tummy tuck
Bad Plastic Surgery Complications and Realities
Woman massaging her legs
What Causes Cellulite? Treatment and Prevention
a newborn with a cleft lip
Cleft Lip Types and Treatments
Woman getting doctor consultation
10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Having Plastic Surgery
baby in the arms of a mother
Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery
Woman hospitalized in observation status being checked on by her doctor.
Infection After Plastic Surgery
Young woman covering face with hands, portrait
What to Do After Bad Plastic Surgery
plastic surgeon consulting with patient
Risks & Benefits of Plastic Surgery
Young woman having facial plastic surgery
Learn About the Emotional Aftermath of Plastic Surgery
A patient undergoes cosmetic surgery.
Ask Your Plastic Surgeon About Their Revision Policy
Supplements in a pill organizer
Risks of Using Herbal Supplements Before Surgery
Woman undergoing plastic surgery
History of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Young woman lying on operating table during facial plastic surgery
Nerve Damage After Plastic Surgery
Hand holding up silicone implant during surgery
Find out If Insurance Will Cover Your Plastic Surgery
Doctor preparing patient for surgery
11 Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon
A silicone breast implant.
Ethics and Principles in Plastic Surgery
Surgeon marking incision lines on a body
Can Bad Plastic Surgery Be Fixed?
Gender-affirming surgery
Vaginoplasty: Overview
Vaginoplasty day of surgery
Vaginoplasty: What to Expect on the Day of Surgery