Vagina Enhancement With Plastic Surgery

Four Procedures to Know

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Plastic surgery on female genitalia is becoming more commonplace. Genital grooming practices have been the main force behind this trend. The elimination of most or all of the pubic hair, whether in the privacy of one’s home or at a salon, has made the external genitalia much more visible. “Imperfections” once hidden by pubic hair are now on display, no longer camouflaged.

Perceived Imperfections

What is considered normal medically is considered imperfect by others. The nipped and tucked genitalia seen in media, such as adult literature, adult film, and adult websites, have led some women (and men) to believe that “perfect” looking genitalia are the norm.

There is a wide range of what is normal, and in that spectrum of normal, some asymmetry will exist. Some women’s labia will be longer than others. Some women will have one side of the labia that is longer than the other. All of this is normal. Most surgery done on the private parts is usually more for aesthetic purposes. 

Reshaping or reforming of the private parts can be done on the outside of the genitalia such as the labia or on the inner aspects such as the hymen and the vaginal wall.

Internal Genitalia — Vaginoplasty

Often people use the word vagina to refer to both the inner and outer part of the female genitalia. Technically speaking, the vagina refers muscular tube that starts at the opening (also known as the introitus) that leads from the outside world and extends to the cervix. It does not involve the labia. It is also referred to as the birth canal or vaginal canal.

The vaginal canal can be stretched by large babies and multiple pregnancies. The vaginal diameter may return to a normal size but may not return to its pre-pregnancy size. Additionally, with age, the muscle tone of the vaginal wall can decrease slightly.

To tighten a vagina stretched by childbirth or aging, a procedure known as a Vaginoplasty can be performed. During this procedure, the diameter of the introitus and/or of the vaginal canal is made smaller. It is important to note that the term vaginoplasty can also refer to creating a vagina in children born without a fully formed vagina or creating a vagina in transgender men.

Internal Genitalia — Revirgination

“Revirgination” or “revirginization” involves reattaching the hymen. This procedure is known as a hymenoplasty. While the importance of a woman’s virginity varies from culture to culture, in some, it has such high importance, that lack of “proof” can bring shame and dishonor to a woman’s family. In other cultures, revirginization is being hawked as a gift to one’s partner or a way to improve a woman’s sex life. It is important to note that the hymen can be stretched or torn for reasons other than sexual intercourse. Strenuous activities, sports, and tampon use can rupture the delicate hymen.

Internal Genitalia — G-Spot Enhancement

Another method of improving a woman’s sex life is G-spot amplification or G-spot enhancement. This involves injecting a filler, such as hyaluronic acid or collagen, into the front wall of the vagina at the site of the Grafenburg spot, which is most commonly known as the G-spot. This is purported to increases sexual gratification. The result is temporary as the material used in the dermal filler dissipates after 3-5 months.

External Genitalia — Labiaplasty

Women have surgery on the external genitalia for various reasons. Some women feel self-conscious about the appearance of their external genitalia, specifically the labia. There are two external labia, which are known as the labia majora.

There are also two more internal labia known as the labia minora. The labia minora are the lips that are often the cause of emotional and psychological distress for some women. They can be elongated with childbirth or the aging process so that they hang beyond the labia majora. Some women have a natural asymmetry, where one of the labia minora is longer than the other. Elongated labia minora, aside from being an emotional or psychological issue, can cause pain during intercourse or exercise due to friction. A labiaplasty can cost anywhere from $2500 to $12000.

The Downside of Genital Enhancement

Complications are a risk of any procedure. Surgery on the private parts can result in complications such as infection, too much scar tissue, overtightening of the vagina, or an unnatural appearance.

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