The body can be affected before, during, and after pregnancy. Learn more about fertility, pregnancy milestones, labor and delivery, and postpartum.

Closeup shot of two people holding hands in comfort
How Common Is Stillbirth?
Experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions while exercising
What Are Braxton Hicks Contractions?
3d illustration of transparent sperm cells swimming towards egg cell
What Is a Zygote?
Doctor uses fetal doppler on pregnant person’s abdomen
How and When Fetal Doppler Is Used
Pregnant person reports her symptoms and concerns to a healthcare professional
What Are the Symptoms of Pregnancy?
A smiling African-American couple is having a consultation with a doctor who is also smiling.
What Is In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?
A cropped photo showing the torso of a person holding breast pumps to each of their breasts.
Can Nipple Stimulation Be Used to Induce Labor?
Pregnant person about to take a pill
Folic Acid and Pregnancy
Shot of a young woman giving birth with her husband supporting her in the background
What You Need to Know About Labor
pregnant woman sitting on toilet
What You Need to Know About Discharge During Pregnancy
Pregnant person at doctor's office having pressure measured
Eclampsia: Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
Pregnant woman touching abdomen and knee while sitting on floor
What Is Round Ligament Pain?
woman on bed with pillow in pain
What Is Ovulation Pain?
woman tracking ovulation
What Is Ovulation?
How Do I Know I Am Having Contractions?
pregnant woman holding belly
Mucus Plug: Purpose, Signs, Complications
Wooden figurines depict surrogate pregnancy
What Is a Surrogate?
Smiling Pregnant Woman Lying On Bed At Home
Pregnant Belly: First, Second, and Third Trimesters
A couple enjoys a walk in the park during pregnancy
Pregnant Sex Can Be Enjoyable and Safe
Young pregnant woman sleeping in her hospital bed
What Is Pitocin?
Positive pregnancy test
What Is a Chemical Pregnancy?
What You Need to Know About a Twin Pregnancy
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What Is Geritol?
Masked pregnant person having an abdominal ultrasound
Molar Pregnancy: Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
woman clutching pelvis on couch
What Is an Ectopic Pregnancy?
Shot of a young woman giving birth with her husband supporting her in the background
What Is an Episiotomy?
Pregnant person timing contractions in hospital
The Benefits and Risks of Induction
Pregnant person taking prenatal vitamins
Everything You Need to Know About Prenatal Vitamins
Pregnant woman getting blood test
What Are Glucose Screening Tests in Pregnancy?
doctor consoling patient
What Is Miscarriage?
Women with a pregnancy test at home
How to Get Pregnant: Tips To Increase Your Fertility
SIDS definition
What Is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)?
Gynecologist with digital tablet comforting pregnant patient
Parvovirus Risks in Pregnancy
Young pregnant person experiencing morning sickness
What Is Morning Sickness?
Pregnancy test
Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy Tests
doctor checking dilation on pregnant woman
What Is Dilation in Pregnancy?
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What You Need to Know About Pregnancy
woman holding stomach
What Is Conception?
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What Is Implantation Bleeding?
Ultrasound during pregnancy
How Is An Ultrasound Used During Pregnancy?
a pregnant woman holding an ultrasound scan result
What Is an Anterior Placenta?
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What Are the Early Signs of Pregnancy?