Colgate Wisp Portable Toothbrush Review

Use this handy tool to freshen breath on the go

The Wisp is an oral care aide made by Colgate. It promises to remove food and plaque from your teeth, giving you a just-brushed, clean feeling. When you brush, a liquid-filled bead releases a burst of freshness into your mouth without requiring water or rinsing. The Wisp is designed to use on the go; available anytime you need breath freshening.

Colgate wisp in a packed bag
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Considering the vast assortment of breath fresheners on the market, it's disappointing when you spend your money on something that delivers empty promises. Does the Colgate Wisp live up to its claims?

Wisp Packaging Design

The Wisp promises a "pocket-sized" design, allowing you to discreetly carry it with you at all times. Depending on how tight your jeans are, this could be attainable, although I preferred carrying it with me in a small clutch. A package of four Wisps is close to the size of a business-card holder — compact and easy to carry.

The plastic is sealed with foil. Simply peel it back to open. You can also use the plastic compartment to store the Wisp if you don't have a place to dispose of it. The ingredients are clearly listed on the back of the package, along with an expiration date and a blurb on how you should use the brushes.

Wisp Product Design & Features

The brush head of the Wisp contains tiny plastic bristles similar to those of a toothbrush. They are soft and flexible, a critical feature that is necessary to prevent abrasion. Located in the center of the brush head is the liquid-filled bead. The Wisp is available in three flavors: a blue bead is peppermint flavored; a green bead is spearmint flavored; a red bead is cinnamon flavored.

The handle of the Wisp is thin. This feature was likely intended to keep the relatively tiny design concept, although this factor could pose a problem for someone with larger hands, fingers or a person with limited manual dexterity. The end of the Wisp handle comes to a point, similar to a toothpick, curving up at the tip. The tip is flexible and soft enough to help prevent damage to the gum tissue.

Overall, the design and features of the Colgate Wisp are favorable. The features are precisely what is necessary in order to remove plaque and food from the teeth, along with freshening your breath at the same time. The Wisp is small enough to remain discreet and travels easily in your purse or pocket.

Wisp Review

Trying the Wisp for the first time was a true test of its breath-freshening claim, considering I used it in the morning, while sitting in the parking lot of my daughter's school after it dawned on me that I forgot to brush my teeth. I was also on my way inside to make an appointment for a parent-teacher meeting.

Using it felt awkward at first. The bristles were stiff, but as I brushed they softened up and gently began to clean my teeth. I was pleasantly surprised when the peppermint flavored bead burst to release the liquid intended to freshen my breath. The flavor was strong enough to create a comparable level of freshness similar to brushing with toothpaste.

After brushing all of the surfaces of my teeth, I used the Wisp on my tongue. It did the job, giving my tongue a fresh feeling. I used the tip of the Wisp on my incisors (front teeth) and it was gentle on my gums and removed some plaque from in between my teeth.

After one final brush, I wondered where I would rinse and spit. I remembered that the Wisp is meant to be used without water, eliminating the need for rinsing. I will admit I had a hard time swallowing my saliva and the remnants from the flavor bead, not to mention plaque. When I did finally swallow, I was treated to the same fresh feeling I get after using mouthwash.

Remember the resealable package I mentioned? I placed the used brush back into the compartment and dashed into the school. After 30 minutes, I still felt confident that my breath was fresh.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Colgate Wisp does exactly what it promises: fresh breath and clean teeth on the go. Unlike most breath fresheners, the Wisp removes plaque and food from teeth while considerably improving your breath at the same time. The Wisp is also compact enough for you to carry on the go, just as you would a tube of lipstick or a package of gum.

Obviously, the Wisp is not intended to replace brushing and flossing your teeth with an American Dental Association recommended toothbrush and toothpaste, but if you are looking for an effective way to freshen your breath longer than it takes a piece of gum to lose its flavor, the Wisp will do the trick.

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