Putting a Condom on With Your Mouth Before Oral Sex

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Condoms make oral sex safer. However, people rarely consider using condoms for oral sex. That's unfortunate for several reasons. First of all, oral sex can transmit a number of sexually transmitted diseases. These range from gonorrhea to herpes. Condom use during oral sex can also help people who don't like the taste of genital secretions. Finally, using condoms during oral sex can be fun. In particular,  using oral sex to put on a condom is also a great way to convince a reluctant partner that safe sex is a good idea. The technique below is specifically for use during fellatio. When performing oral sex on a woman a dental dam would be used instead. Dental dams are also used for rimming, i.e. oral-anal contact.

How to Put on a Condom With Your Mouth

Using your mouth to put on a condom is more than a good party trick. It's a fun way to add more spice to your safer sex repertoire. It does, however, require some practice. You also want to start by choosing the right condom. It's much harder to do this if your tongue has gone numb from nonoxynol-9. Therefore, make certain to pick up condoms that are not lubricated. Flavored condoms are also an option. Just make certain that they're labeled as safe for use during sex. 

Having gotten that hurdle out of the way, the steps for putting a condom on with your mouth are as follows:

  1. Unroll the condom slightly. There should be just enough room for you to grasp the tip firmly between your tongue and the roof of your mouth.
  2. Put the condom in your mouth. Be careful not to bite the condom too hard or tear it with your teeth. You'll also want to make certain that it is not inside out. If it is, you'll never be able to unroll it onto your partner!
  3. Hold the tip of the condom against the roof of your mouth (or the back of your front teeth), so that the air is pushed out of it. Then, let the opening of the condom come out in front of your lips.
  4. Use your lips to guide the condom onto the tip of your partner's penis. Then slowly push down to unroll the condom with your lips and/or hands.

For reference, your partner's penis will already need to be erect for this to work. You always want to put the condom on once your partner has an erection. It is very difficult to apply a condom to a penis that is not at least mostly erect. If your partner has trouble maintaining an erection during vaginal intercourse, female condoms may be a better option than male condoms. Female condoms remain in place regardless.

You might want to experiment on a dildo, banana, or even a ketchup bottle (always my favorite for showing off this technique at diners) before trying this on a partner. It takes a little getting used to master the technique. Fortunately, most men are happy to let you practice as often as you want. It also helps to hold your partner's penis in your hands while you're applying the condom. Believe me, he won't object, and it will increase your efficiency enormously.

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