Is QVAR a Good Treatment For Asthma?

Is QVAR a Good Inhaled Steroid for Asthma?

QVAR is an inhaled steroid used for the control of asthma symptoms. © Daniel More, MD

Question: Is QVAR a Good Inhaled Steroid for Asthma?


Yes. QVAR (beclomethasone) is an inhaled steroid used to treat the underlying inflammation that occurs in most cases of asthma. Inhaled steroids, which control the underlying inflammation of asthma, are usually taken on a daily basis, while albuterol inhalers are used as needed to treat the immediate symptoms of asthma. QVAR is indicated for adults and children 5 years of age and older, at a recommended starting dose of 40 micrograms twice a day for children 5 to 11 years of age, and at 40 to 160 micrograms twice a day for adults and children 12 years of age and older. QVAR is available in two strengths, 40 micrograms per puff and 80 micrograms per puff.

There are many brands of inhaled steroids available to treat the underlying inflammation of asthma, and these medications all work about the same. QVAR does have some advantages over the other inhaled steroids, however. QVAR typically costs less than most other inhaled steroids (depending on the medical insurance company), and according to, is more than 20% less than the next-cheapest inhaled steroid.

In addition, QVAR may work more efficiently by reaching deeper into the lungs than other inhaled steroids. The QVAR particle is far smaller than most inhaled steroids, which allows the medication to reach all the way to small airways, and even the alveoli. This apparently is an important characteristic for an inhaled steroid, as a study published in September 2010 showed that asthmatics using QVAR were able to achieve control of their asthma with lower comparable doses, which may translate into fewer steroid side effects.

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