Read Your Kindle Without Getting Neck Pain

If the stack of books you mean to read is anything like mine, it tends to persistently grow while you are busy doing other things. But if you happen to be scaling back on physical activity in order to accommodate a spinal problem, you may just have the perfect opportunity to bring the height of that stack down.

Let’s face it, though, lifting and holding books can quickly translate to neck or back pain, which makes getting caught up on reading problematic. So what do you do?

You can try a cover that allows you to prop the device up, enabling you to read hands-free. Nice!

Here are a few e-reader accessories that caught my eye as possible solutions for avid readers with neck or back pain.


Book Beanie

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The Book Beanie, according to its manufacturer, is a "book stand with personality". The Book Beanie comes in a variety of colors and patterns from which you can choose. You can also play around with the shape and a few do-dads to create Book Beanie faces.

The Book Beanie is as the name suggests: A bean bag sized for an e-reader. It's also shaped so that the e-reader is well stabilized while it rests against the Book Beanie.


JAVOedge Flip Case

Kindle Readers
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Javoedge makes device covers for Kindle and Barnes and Noble e-readers.

The Flip Case has two features that in my opinion may be helpful for ​people with neck or back pain: The kickstand which props your e-reader up and frees your hands, and the magnetic closure, which is likely to save you from some degree of muscle tension as you open and close the cover.

Javoedge products seem to be truly eco-friendly in the sense that they are not made from leather. This manufacturer boasts a lot of storage space inside the cover for things like notes, papers, writing utensils and ID cards.


TabletMall Amazon Kindle 3G Silicone/Plastic Hybrid Case w/Removable Kickstand

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If you own a Kindle 3 and are looking for only minimal features, the TabletMall Amazon Kindle 3G Black Silicone/White Plastic Hybrid Case w/Removable Kickstand may be the product for you. It is simply a back cover with a removable kickstand. You snap the cover on to use. You can put the kickstand up for hands-free reading and down for easy storage. This cover is made of silicone and plastic.

If you don't own a Kindle 3, TabletMall has a number of other e-reader covers. You can check them out here


Padfolio Hands Free Cover Case From Design and Motion

Pink Kindle Accessory
Pink Kindle Accessory. Bloom Productions/Collection:The Image Bank/Getty Images

Another low priced hands-free Kindle cover is the Padfolio cover case from Design & Motion. Let me warn you ahead of time. The people who manufacture this are really into pink. From what I can tell, their well priced pretty cool carbon fiber leather weave cover for the Kindle 3 and Kindle 3 Wifi (latest versions of Amazon's e-reader) ​only come in pink. The Padfolio has a "built-in viewing stand" (i.e. the kicks stand), for reading and viewing without the stress on your neck and shoulder muscles. You'll find easy access to the side controls as well as the dock connector - so you can plug in and sync your device without removing it from the case.

The biggest challenge people with neck and/or back pain face when engaging with their e-readers is the handling of the device. But with one of the covers listed in this article (or another cover, as long as it has a kickstand), or with a cool accessory such as the Book Beanie, you don't have to complicate your existing neck or back injury.

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