REMZzz CPAP Liners Relieve Mask Leak and Skin Irritation

Soft barrier can improve seal and ease skin redness and rashes

ResMed Quattro mask for use with positive airway pressure to treat sleep apnea.

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If you have difficulty tolerating your CPAP mask due to problems with leak or skin irritation, you may be interested in learning about REMZzz liners and how they may help you to tolerate the therapy better.

Many people experience difficulty with the fit of their CPAP masks. In fact, finding a properly fitting mask is frequently the biggest hurdle when starting continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to treat sleep apnea. With full-face masks, the increased surface area between the mask and your face may contribute to annoying leaks. Sweat and oils from your skin may additionally impact the seal of the mask, especially at higher pressures during the night. This may be partially alleviated with daily cleaning and regular replacement of your mask, but sometimes despite your best efforts, it persists.

Why You Should Use the REMZzz Liner

The REMZzz liner is a product that creates a barrier between the silicone of the CPAP mask and your skin. It may fill in gaps and improve the seal, reducing leak. It works with various styles of full-face and nasal masks. It does not work with nasal pillow masks (those with a plastic cushion that sits directly within the nostrils)

For those with sensitive skin, the REMZzz mask liner can reduce skin irritation. If you have redness, dryness, or rashes from your mask, it may bring welcome relief. It can also decrease morning pressure marks from the mask.

RemZzz liners are made from a blend of naturally absorbent fibers. It is recommended that a new one is used daily. It may be covered by some insurance and costs about $1 per day to use.

It is an easy fix for a nuisance that could compromise your ability to tolerate and benefit from CPAP therapy. If you have persisting problems with skin irritation or develop pressure sores from your mask, you should speak with your sleep specialist about additional treatment options.

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