Reproductive Health Issues

Men and women's reproductive systems can be affected by a number of conditions. Take control of your health by understanding the important issues that may have you concerned.
Couple in counseling
Hypogonadism Natural Treatment: Tips for Men and Women
Woman holding birth control pack
Why Is My Period Late While I'm on Birth Control?
Cancer After Hysterectomy
Cancer After Hysterectomy: Signs, Symptoms, and Complications
An unseen white person in a white tanktop and light blue shorts with their hands over their genitals. Their hands appear reddened.
How to Care for Vulvar Dermatitis: Symptoms and Treatment Methods
Clean tampons surrounding a tampon with blood.
Passing Blood Clots and Not on Your Period? What It Means
An Overview of the Types of Uterus in Females
pregnant woman in pain with eyes closed
Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy: Is It Normal or Should You Be Concerned?
birth control pills
The 8 Best Birth Control Delivery Services
Older woman walking on the beach
Defining Premenopause, Perimenopause, and Menopause
Doctor explaining medical exam to a patient at hospital
Important Facts About Low Estrogen
Pituitary gland
What to Know About Sheehan's Syndrome
Pregnant Woman Holding Stomach on Sofa
Receiving TNF Inhibitors for IBD During Pregnancy
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Vasovasostomy: Uses, Side Effects, Procedure, Results
Transgender father and daughter on couch doing homework
Understanding Transgender Pregnancy
newborn baby
Persistent Cloaca: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment
Midwife taking blood sample from arm of pregnant woman
What Is a Quad Screen?
Biophysical profile in pregnancy
What to Expect During a Biophysical Profile
Reasons to Undergo a Colposcopy
Doctor examining his female patient's pelvis
Learn About the Pelvic Conditions Every Woman Needs to Know About
Nurse comforting senior female patient
Learn About the 6 Most Common Gynecology Surgeries and Procedures
woman lying in bed holding her abdomen
Tubal Ligation Reversal: How the Procedure Is Done and Success Rates
Man at home sitting on couch looking at watch
How Much Time Should You Schedule for a Vasectomy?
Close up of nurse hand applying adhesive plaster on arm of patient after blood collection in the hospital
What Hormone Blood Tests for Women Show
Mature couple lying on bed
How Male Fertility Declines With Age
At doctors appointment physician shows to patient shape of uterus with focus on hand with organ. Scene explaining patient causes and localization of diseases of uterus, pregnancy, reproductive system
The Anatomy of the Uterus
Young woman patient with gynecologist in the office
What to Expect From a Pelvic Exam at Your OB/GYN
Male patient talking to doctor
How Soon Is Too Soon for Sex After a Vasectomy?
Woman With Stomachache Lying On Bed At Home
Watching for the Complications of an Enlarged Uterus
Nurse explaining good news to female patient
Are You Afraid to Go to the Gynecologist?
Anatomy of the human bladder, computer illustration.
An Overview of Cloacal Exstrophy
Man on couch with laptop
Can Your Laptop Cause Male Infertility?
Students (14-15) walking
How to Cope With Androgen Insensitivity
Doctor showing woman information on a tablet
Symptoms and Diagnosis of Cervical Polyps
woman consults with her gynecologist in the gynecologist's office
Why Are the Ovaries so Important?
Four Surgeons Operating on a Patient
Possible Side Effects and Complications of Having a Vasectomy
Gynecologist performing procedure on woman in stirrups on exam table
What to Expect From Cervical Cryotherapy
Happy bride
Tips for Staying Healthy for Brides
a gynecologist treating a patient
An Overview of Cervical Ectropion
Woman speaking with her gynecologist
Overview and Causes of Galactorrhea
A woman with her doctor looking at test results
What to Know About a Bartholin's Cyst
How to Use Testosterone Enanthate Safely
Doctor is checking a patient
Functions of the Cervix in Reproductive Health
This is why you're feeling pain - stock photo
Uterine Cancer Stages and Symptoms
Woman looking at the water on cruise ship
Causes of Perimenopausal Ovary Pain and Treatment Options
 woman sitting on the couch and feeling spasm and symptoms of pelvic pain
How to Identify and Treat Fibroid Pain
woman in doctors office for uterine cancer
What Is the Risk of Uterine Cancer?
Oxytocin Increases With Parental Bonding
Oxytocin: Hormone of Labor, Love, and More
Female patient receiving MRI scan
What Is Catamenial Pneumothorax?
A woman suffering from abdominal pain or cramps.
The #1 Symptom of Endometrial Cancer
Those cramps again
The Symptoms and Treatment of Different Uterine Conditions
woman with hand on abdomen
Uterine Fibroid Embolization Helps Women Who Have Heavy Periods
Having advise with a gynecologist
How a Hysteroscopy Helps Healthcare Providers Look Into Your Uterus
woman in stomach pain
Keeping an Eye Out for Asymptomatic Uterine Polyps
Doctor with medical chart talking with patient in examination room
Learn About the Side Effects and Benefits of Lupron Depot
woman at doctor discussing uterine fibroids
How to Improve Symptoms of Fibroids
a young woman sleeping with a hot water bottle
What Is an Exophytic Fibroid?
A woman is sitting on the couch holding her lower abdomen with a look of pain on her face.
What You Need to Know About Fibroids After Menopause
Magnetic Resonance Images of Woman with Uterine Fibroids
Here's how to deal with fibroid pain
Close-Up of a woman laying on a couch, holding her pelvis in pain.
Signs of Fibroids Breaking Down and What to Do
checking for fibroids
What Is a Submucosal Fibroid?

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