Registered Nurse in a Medical Office Setting

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Registered nurses work in a variety of clinical settings. In the medical office environment, an RN may have a variety of roles and be able to use a wide range of skills in addition to patient assessment. A registered nurse may prefer a clinic or medical office environment for reasons that include:

  • Working collaboratively with a small number of providers and staff rather than in a large organization with constantly changing personnel such as a medical center.
  • Day shift work hours, without working evenings, nights, weekends, or holidays.
  • Serving a preferred patient demographic, such as pediatrics or gerontology.
  • Serving patients in a condition-specific clinic, such as oncology, behavioral health, public health, obstetrics/gynecology, etc.
  • Provides appropriate treatments and nursing interventions.

Job Description

Provides patient care by conducting patient assessments, administering treatment and medications, performing diagnostic tests, and arranging patient follow-up. Records medical history and symptoms, completing documentation in the medical record. Coordinates patient care, acting as a liaison with other organizations. Provides patient education before and after procedures, use of medical devices and equipment, and prescriptions.

Job Duties

  • Provides complete patient assessment, including vital signs and pre-examination procedures. Gathers and assesses objective and subjective data from the patient.
  • Documents data and assessments in the patient record. May use a computer system and information technology to ensure standard documentation, coding, and completion.
  • Assists the providers in all aspects of the consultation, treatment, procedures, and follow-up care.
  • Executing medical regimens and nursing interventions as appropriate for the setting and their competency.
  • Patient health counseling and instruction, including meeting with families and caregivers.
  • Medication reconciliation, management, patient compliance, inventory, education.
  • Operating medical equipment.
  • Maintaining medical supplies, inventory, and disposal.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance with OSHA guidelines, CLIA regulations, HIPAA medical privacy guidelines.
  • The position may include triage of calls for urgent appointments, referrals for patient consults and testing, insurance pre-certification, and documentation.
  • May use general office skills including keyboarding, office computer software, filing, answering telephones, email, faxing, copying.
  • Excellent customer service skills are needed for interacting with patients, families, and caregivers.

Education Requirements

Completion of a 2-year associate degree or 4- to 5-year bachelor of science degree program including a state registration examination license to practice nursing.

Experience Requirements

A medical office position may be an entry-level position for a registered nurse. However, the medical practice may prefer to employ an RN who has experience in the setting or condition-specific expertise.

Expected Salary

The median salary for an RN staff nurse for outpatient care in 2016 was $66,512. Salary amounts vary based on years of experience, education, and job location.

Current Job Openings

Find current job openings for a registered nurse and similar positions. Job growth for registered nurses is expected to be higher than average for all occupations through 2020.

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