Sample Diabetes Meal Plans

Tasty and Balanced Diabetes Meal Plan Ideas

When you have diabetes, your medical team will recommend a diet as a component of your treatment plan. They will consider your weight, height, age, activity level, other metabolic stressors, and weight loss needs when calculating your total daily calorie needs. Click on your prescribed calorie level below for meal plan ideas that are well-balanced for your needs. Or, read more about diabetes meal planning.

Sample 1200-Calorie Meal Plan A word of caution: a 1200-calorie diabetes diet is not for every person with diabetes. For many, this calorie level may not provide enough carbohydrates to compliment medication regimens or prevent hypoglycemia. However, 1200 calories will meet the energy needs of some people with diabetes (probably if you are small in weight and stature, older than 65, and/or less active).

Sample 1400-Calorie Meal Plan If you've received a prescription from your medical team for a 1400-calorie diabetes diet, you'll find some ideas here. Low-fat protein sources and tasty low-fat recipes are the foundation for this 1400-calorie diabetes meal plan.

Sample 1600-Calorie Diabetes Meal Plan If your medical team has asked you to follow a 1600-Calorie Diabetes Meal Plan, here are some ideas for you. Included in the 3 meals and evening snack are tasty recipes for a breakfast egg Florentine sandwich and a chicken strawberry salad.

Sample 1800-Calorie Diabetes Meal Plan All metabolic factors considered, an 1800-calorie diabetes diet ends up being appropriate for many folks with diabetes. If your medical team has recommended this for you, then here are some creative ideas that will fit your prescription without boring your palate. Included is my absolute favorite salad recipe using tomato, corn and avocado.

Sample 2000-Calorie Diabetes Meal Plan Try out this sample meal plan if your diabetes treatment plan includes a prescription for a 2000-calorie diet. Indulge in (low-carb) pancakes, tuna and walnut salad, and Thai Curry Chicken.

Sample 2200-Calorie Meal Plan This 2200-calorie diabetes meal plan focuses on a variety of tasty but high-fiber foods (to help you feel filled-up and to help manage your blood sugar levels). Note the use of high-fiber whole-grains like oatmeal, shredded-wheat, whole-wheat toast and crackers, as well as raw fruits and vegetables.

Sample 2400-Calorie Meal Plan This multi-cultural flavor fest of a 2400-calorie meal plan has American, Mexican, Italian and French-inspired meals. Truth be told: It actually rings in just under, at 2390 calories (52% from carbohydrate and 29% from fat) -- that's 10 calories to spare!

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