R. Scott Frothingham

Scott Frothingham

Writer and author


Health & Wellness, Content Writing Marketing, Copywriting Seminars, Training Publishing


Ohio Wesleyan University


Scott has over 30 years of writing experience and has published articles on health and wellness topics such as migraines, liver disease, sleep apnea, gout, schizophrenia, herpes, and psoriasis. His articles also include first aid for burns (pressure bandages and butterfly stitches), hypertrophy training vs. strength training, basal metabolic rate and optimum caloric intake, occlusion training, and back, hip, and ankle pain while running. 

Scott has also written over 30 articles on Medicare subjects, such as enrollment, medication tiers, dual eligibility with Medicaid, Medigap, Medicare Advantage, and coverage of various conditions including arthritis, heart disease, knee replacement, and various types of cancer.

He previously worked at Knucklepuck digital marketing agency as a copywriter and was at Fastforward Publishing for eight years, where he wrote and published more than 75 nonfiction and fiction books in genres like business, self-help, children’s, sports, and biography.

You’ll see his work on Healthline.com. 

Scott’s career started in the broadcast industry and has expanded to include writing for all media. He is an avid reader and blogger, and his interests include cooking and video production. 


 Scott is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University.

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