20 Secrets of Successful Thyroid Patients

How to Feel Your Best

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If you talk with many thyroid patients and practitioners, you'll find that people who feel well tend to do many of the same things.

Dealing With Doctors

Find a great doctor who will be your partner in wellness not an egotist who won't listen or work towards your wellness.

Once you've found a great practitioner, learn how to effectively deal with her or him. Here is some advice to get you started.

Know when to get a second opinion. Sometimes, even if you have a great doctor, it's good to get another viewpoint.

If you can't get tested by your doctor, get tested yourself! There are a variety of services offering reliable thyroid testing without requiring a doctor's prescription or office visit.

Be Informed

Be as informed as you can. That may mean that you need to learn as much if not more than your doctor knows about thyroid disease. And one of the best ways is to read several of the top thyroid-related books.

Understand thyroid disease in general. Make sure you know the difference between hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, nodules, goiter, and thyroid cancer.

Question the "conventional wisdom." Especially when it comes to the penchant for radioactive iodine to ablate the thyroid during hyperthyroidism or Graves' disease, it's wise to find out more before you take permanent actions.

Medicine and Medical Records

The best thyroid drug is the one that works safely and best for you. Find out how you can and should choose the right thyroid drug for you.

Insist on getting copies of your test results and records. After all, you own them, says patient rights expert, Marie Savard, MD.

Be open to the use of alternative medicine. Some of the thyroid patients who feel the best are following integrative therapies that combine traditional and alternative approaches.

Know about the thyroid drugs you take, and the alternatives that may make you feel better. With 4 brands of approved levothyroxine, several natural desiccated prescription drugs, a synthetic combination drug to choose from, two antithyroid drugs, and a special drug just for thyroid cancer patients having scans, there are many thyroid drugs to know about and choose from. Find out more about thyroid drugs now.

Examine Your Lifestyle

Battle the bulge the minute you see any signs of weight gain. The patients who have had the most success are ones who have changed their diet and exercise as soon as they notice thyroid-related weight gain.

Don't overconsume soy. Some experts believe that the current epidemic of thyroid problems may be due to America's love affair with soy. While some soy foods can be good for use, turning soy into a medicine by overcoming soy pills and powders is a danger to your thyroid health.

Get support when you need it.

Watch fluoride. Some practitioners believe that overexposure to fluoride is contributing to increased rates of thyroid problems.

Revive and boost your metabolism. Sluggish metabolism contributes to fatigue, difficulty losing weight, or continued weight gain, and there are 12 great ways to help.

Exercise. A simple thyroid-oriented exercise program, 30 minutes, 3 times a week, can totally change your shape and your energy.

Make sure you follow proper nutrition for thyroid patients. Nutritionist Dr. Ed Baumann has excellent ideas to help you decide what dietary changes to make.

Laugh. When you're tempted to feel down or frustrated about energy, weight issues, or other thyroid concerns, try to find a way to laugh.

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