Say Goodbye to Night Sweats With WildBLEU Sleepwear

Sleep Well With Moisture-Wicking Sleepwear

Editor's Note: This review is about the WildBLEU Rose Striped Cuff Gown, which has since been discontinued. Luckily WildBLEU continues to make nightgowns in similar styles that wick away moisture and keep your comfortable.

WildBLEU is a line of women's sleepwear made from a patented yarn spun from natural and synthetic fibers that work together to wick moisture away from the skin. Heat Release Technology™ is WildBLEU's secret weapon to promote rapid evaporation and keep you dry all night. The yarn is also treated to prevent odor absorption, so the garments always smell fresh. The Rose Striped Cuff Gown has a texture similar to pure cotton, is well-made and will keep you comfortable and dry, even during night sweats.


  • Style: Classic scoop-necked bodice, fabric drapes to a gently ruffled hemline, three quarter length cuffed sleeves
  • Fabric: HRT™ performance fabric, fine-gauge knit, wicking moisture away from skin
  • Quality: Serged seams and hems, double-layered back bodice, very durable and lightweight
  • Fit: Small (6-8) fit comfortably
  • Colors: Rose Pink
  • Price: $55.00 for any size


  • Classic design, scooped neck, not clingy
  • Fabric feels like cotton, wicks moisture quickly, dries efficiently
  • Wrinkle-resistant, easy care, durable fabric
  • Available in a very wide range of sizes, styles, colors and prints
  • Machine washable (but avoid fabric softener!)


  • Fabric feels warm when first put on

About WildBLEU Sleepwear

There are many causes of hot flashes and night sweats: natural or medical menopause, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and hypoglycemia, to name few. If you've ever had a midnight hot flash, you'll be glad to hear that you're not stuck with sopping sleepwear. WildBLEU sleepwear is made of high performance wicking yarn that pulls moisture away from the skin and dries quickly.

WildBLEU claims its sleepwear has superior wicking properties. They also state that their Heat Release Technology™ out-performs "all other leading performance fabrics in drying time tests." WildBLEU also boasts that their yarn, a blend of natural and synthetic fibers, is treated to virtually eliminate odors.

About the WildBLEU Rose Striped Cuff Gown

I tested the nightgown in size small with three-quarter length sleeves on a hot August night. The fine-gauge knit fabric feels almost exactly like pure cotton, and at first seemed to hold heat close to my body. WildBleu prints its trademark and size right onto the garment, so there's no tag to scratch your skin.

I noticed that the shoulder seams are reinforced to maintain shape and improve durability. The neckline is well finished with matching ribbing complemented by a scalloped crocheted edge. When my dependable hot flash and night sweats kicked in, the WildBLEU fabric sopped it up. As for odor elimination, after wearing this gown for three nights it still passes the sniff test!

The WildBLEU nightgown fulfills its claims: it wicks moisture away from your skin, dries quickly and resists odors. The cottony feel of the yarn makes it a good choice for cool weather. At $55, it is priced right, to help you sleep cool and dry.

WildBLEU Nightgown Styles

This particular style of nightgown is no longer made, but WildBLEU has a variety of other nightgowns that offer the same great technology, like the Cool Classics Wildflower V-Gown and the Bamboo Black Bow Tie Scallop V-Gown.

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