Sensis Condoms With QuickStrips Review

Sensis Condoms
Sensis Condoms. Photo © 2015 Dawn Stacey

Sensis Condoms represent the first new FDA-approved condom technology in over 50 years. These condoms have QuickStrips — which work very much like the pull-off tabs on a band-aid. Given that condom failure usually results from improper condom use, the QuikStrips make it so every Sensis condom goes on like it should. The fast, easy and more accurate application of these condoms make them more effective at preventing pregnancy and STDs. Plus, because these condoms can be put on so quickly, couples can stay in the "heat of the moment" and an erection may not be lost due to fumbling with putting a condom on.


  • The QuikStrips ensure that every Sensis condom can be quickly and properly put on.
  • You don’t need to touch the condom when you put it on (reducing the chance of a fingernail tear).
  • The ridged ends are easily felt so condom use in the dark or when intoxicated is simple.
  • Allows for the correct spacing of the reservoir tip (this lowers the chance of the condom breaking).
  • Fast application keeps partners "in the moment" and encourages partner participation.


  • Some men might take offense at the idea that they don't know how to use a condom.
  • Not a well-known, recognizable condom brand.


  • The Sensis Thin condom is designed for ultimate sensitivity to maximize pleasure. The Sensis Micro-Dot Ribbed condom has more than 120 dots for her and 6 ribbed rings for him. Created to provide extra sensation and a good fit with a contoured shape.
  • Sensis condoms are available in 3 or 12 count packages.
  • When removed from the foil, the ridged ends of the pull-down QuikStrips are exposed. These pull-down strips make condom application easier and quicker.
  • Sensis condoms are made from a premium quality latex, so there is little latex odor. They also come pre-lubricated.
  • Every Sensis condom is electronically tested and meets U.S. and international standards.
  • Sensis Condoms are the only condom brand on the market that show the actual condom on the box. This allows you to see what the QuikStrips look like.


In order to lower the risk of STD transmission and pregnancy, condoms must be used consistently and correctly each time a person engages in sexual intercourse. Sensis condoms are different than conventional condom brands because of their QuickStrips technology. When the condom is taken out of its foil package, the ridged ends of the pull-down QuikStrips are uncovered on the top side of the condom. You can then feel for these ridges, and by holding the QuikStrips, you can pull down the condom and correctly put it on (then discard of the strips). Because you can easily feel these strips, you can even correctly identify the correct side of the condom in the dark.

The QuikStrips of Sensis Condoms helps you to avoid common pitfalls that can lead to condom failure. If you put a condom on the wrong way the first time (and it touches a part of you that may be contaminated with a sexually transmitted infection or pre-ejaculate fluid), then “flip” it over to put on correctly, the part that had initially touched your skin could potentially infect your partner or transfer sperm (and it only takes ONE sperm to fertilize an egg). Plus, “flipping” a condom could compromise it and possibly make it less effective. Because you do not need to touch the condom when putting in on, there is less of a chance that it can be torn or nicked by a fingernail. Also, the way Sensis Condoms are designed, when you put one on, there is automatically enough space at the reservoir tip. This can help reduce the likelihood of the condom breaking after ejaculation.

It can be argued that Sensis Condoms can make sex more enjoyable. The thin option allows for ultimate sensitivity while the micro-dot ribbed option has a contoured shape (for a comfortable fit) and dots/bumps and ribbed rings to provide pleasure to both men and women. Plus, because they can be quickly put on, sexual spontaneity may not be lost. You partners can even have fun putting the condom on you, making application a possible turn-on! Because of the latex used, there is no unpleasant latex smell, and since you don’t have to touch the condom, its lubrication doesn’t get all over the place.

As an interesting side note, Sensis founder Beau Thompson was inspired to create an easier-to-apply condom after he experienced “a lost opportunity” because he took too long to put on a condom. Since it was dark, he couldn't see the condom or determine which side was which. One day, Beau was taking out the trash, and as he pulled the straps of the garbage bag to tie a knot, the idea came to him... why not create a condom with pull-away strips? Thanks to Beau, Sensis Condoms are now available. So, not only will you hopefully have no more missed opportunities in the bedroom, you now have a quick and easy way to correctly put on a condom. Sensis Condoms can be bought online or nationwide at select drugstores.

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