Shoulder and Elbow Treatment and Surgery

Shoulder or elbow surgery may seem like an inconvenience at best and scary at worst. However, it might be the solution you need to find relief from pain. Learn more about available treatment options.
doctor performing SLAP repair
How SLAP Repair Can Help Reattach a Torn Labrum in the Shoulder
Portrait of woman's shoulder with two stitches
Prevent Serious Infections From Developing After Your Shoulder Surgery
Man performing shoulder exercises with a physical therapist
Exercises to Rehab From a Shoulder Injury or Surgery
woman's clavicle
Physical Therapy Exercises for Recovery From a Clavicle Fracture
An x-ray of a shoulder dislocation
Do You Know How to Pop a Shoulder Back Into Place?
Woman complaining of shoulder pain at doctor's
Why Can't My Rotator Cuff Be Repaired?
TheraBand Flexbar
Treatment of Tennis Elbow Pain With the TheraBand FlexBar
Image of a woman holding her shoulder.
Get Started Treating Your Frozen Shoulder With These PT Exercises
A PT examines a patient's shoulder.
Physical Therapy After a Shoulder Dislocation
Physical therapist with woman doing external rotation exercise
Strengthen Your Rotator Cuff With a Resistance Band Exercise Program
Young woman in sportswear with neck pain. You may also like:
Here's What Physical Therapy Looks Like for a Labrum Tear
woman flexing bicep muscles
Do You Need Biceps Tenodesis Surgery?
shoulder exam
Symptoms and Treatments for Shoulder Pain
Patient describing pain to nurse at laptop
Types of Surgery Used to Treat Painful Shoulder Injuries
shoulder x ray
Surgery for Shoulder Dislocations
elderly man holding elbow in discomfort
Noninvasive and Invasive Treatments of Elbow Bursitis
frozen shoulder surgery
Surgery to Address a Stiff Shoulder Joint
Dynamic Shoulder Isometric Exercise
Arthroscopic surgery for the elbow
How to See Inside the Elbow
Nurse helping patient
Surgery as a Treatment Option for Tennis Elbow
Doctor examining patient's shoulder
How Capsular Shift and Plication Surgery Procedures Are Done
Image of a woman holding her shoulder.
Physical Therapy for Your Shoulder to Increase Mobility After Surgery
Physical therapist performing shoulder exercises with a patient.
Improve Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Range of Motion With Pulleys
A senior woman suffering from shoulder pain.
Why Complications Can Happen After Arthroscopy Surgery on a Shoulder
A therapist stretching a patient's shoulder.
Exercises to Improve Shoulder Stability After a Labrum Tear
A man getting physical therapy for his shoulder
Learn These Physical Therapy Exercises to Treat Rotator Cuff Injuries
Female physiotherapist giving back massage to active senior woman in sports center - stock photo
Exercises to Strengthen Your Rotator Cuff Muscles
Woman suffering from shoulder pain, France
Get Control of Your Shoulder and Scapula With These 4 Exercises
4 Exercises to Improve Shoulder Range of Motion
Photo of a man holding his elbow.
Isometric Elbow Strengthening Exercises to Get Your Arms Moving
Physiotherapy worker with woman client
DIY Project: Shoulder Pulley for Rotator Cuff Range of Motion
Physical therapist working with a patient
3 Surgical Treatments for a SLAP Tear of the Shoulder

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