Many who are deaf or hard of hearing rely on sign language to communicate. Explore the basics of the language and how you can use it to improve daily life.

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Teacher showing pre-school girl sign language
Finding American Sign Language Classes
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Where to Find Sign Language Dictionaries Online
American sign language
How Hard Is It to Learn Sign Language?
woman using sign language to read book to two boys
Combining Oral and Sign Language Communication Methods
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How to Create a Fun ASL ABC Story
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Spanish-Speaking Countries That Have Their Own Sign Languages
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Learn and Practice Sign Language With These Fun Games and Puzzles
Parent communicating with sign language
Signing Exact English and Syntax
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Profile of William Stokoe ASL Researcher
Picture of a man and women communicating with sign language
Pigdin Signed English Uses Sign Language With English Grammar
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Learn This Essential Sign Language Crime Vocabulary
Parent communicating with sign language
Learn the Basics of American Sign Language Classifiers
Deaf couple signing at dinner table
How to Communicate With Deaf or Hard of Hearing People
Learn Sign Language Basics for Winter Items
Teacher showing pre-school girl sign language
How to Learn ASL Signs for Common Foods and Drinks
number 1 in sign language
How You Can Learn the First 20 Numbers in ASL
Woman signing the word 'Family' in American Sign Language while communicating with her son
How Do You Sign Popular Christmas Songs?
Picture of a man and women communicating with sign language
How You Receive a Name Sign Within the Deaf Community
Sign language instructions
Resources for Learning Sign Language
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Sign Language Resources for Christian Religions
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Can Interpreters Be Available at Doctors and Hospitals For the Deaf?
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Salaries for Sign Language and Video Relay Service Interpreters
Jack Jason and Marlee Matlin
Marlee Matlin's Sign Language Interpreter Jack Jason
Interpreter signing during business meeting.
Do You Want to Become a Sign Language Interpreter?
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Get the Latest on Relay Services for the Deaf
Sign language interpreter
How to Find a Job as a Sign Language Interpreter
Closed captioning text across a tv screen during a news report about Memorial Day travel
How to Become a Captioner for the Deaf
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Lip-Reading Software and Online Resources