Sign Language Crime Vocabulary

Signs for Emergency Crime Communication

It is not unusual for deaf people to have difficulty communicating with the police, particularly in crime emergency situations. While police ARE legally required to bring in interpreters or technology for interviewing deaf people involved with crimes, it is helpful if the police know at least some basic signs related to crime. The death of a Gallaudet student, Carl Dupree, in 1991 has been attributed in part to the police's inability to understand his sign language as he tried to tell the police that he could not breathe.

Friendly police officer gives fist bump to student

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Here are some words commonly associated with crime, and the sources of signs for them.

Alarm ASL Browser
Argue ASL Pro
Arrest ASL Browser
Arson (Fire) ASL Browser
Assault (Hit) ASL Browser
Blood ASL Browser
Break ASL Browser
Court ASL Pro
Escape ASL Browser
Fight ASL Browser
Guilt ASL Browser
Gun ASL Browser
Innocent ASL Browser
Investigate ASL Browser
Jail ASL Browser
Kidnap ASL Pro
Kill (Murder) ASL Browser
Knife ASL Browser
Lawyer ASL Browser
Rape ASL Browser
Stab ASL Browser
Theft (Rob) ASL Browser
Witness ASL Browser

Of course, it is also helpful for police to know the sign language alphabet so that cops can at least fingerspell words or understand the fingerspelling of a deaf person.

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