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Skin Health

Skin conditions can cause issues ranging from embarrassment to serious illness. Learn about symptoms and treatments, and how to protect your skin on a daily basis.
Back tattoo of a woman
Can You Get a Tattoo If You Have Psoriasis?
Young woman bent over bowl, washing face, smiling
How to Get Clear Skin
Closeup of a woman scratching her head
Telling the Difference Between Lice and Dandruff
scratching scalp
What Is a Scalp Yeast Infection?
person holding ear
What’s Causing and How to Treat Ear Scabs
itchy eyebrows
Potential Causes of Itchy Eyebrows and How to Treat Them
sebum buildup on scalp
What Scalp Buildup Looks Like and How to Treat It
woman holding her butt
Butt Rashes: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Young woman with photo of aged eye over her own
How to Keep Your Skin Healthy As You Age
Turmeric roots with turmeric powder on wooden background
Turmeric Alleviates Skin Conditions
skin tag
How to Get Rid of Skin Tags on Your Eyelid
telehealth with a dermatologist
What to Know About Telehealth With a Dermatologist
coconut oil
Coconut Oil for Tattoos
woman putting on lotion
How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated (and Why It’s Important)
Skin tags
How Can I Prevent Skin Tags?
Young woman shaving legs
What Are Strawberry Legs?
woman looking up
The Integumentary System: Your Skin, Hair, Nails, and Glands
Young woman in bathroom applying face cream
Hydrogen Peroxide for Skin: Is It Safe?
Close-up of bruised skin on human leg
Causes of Purpura: Purple Spots on Skin
Closeup instep or foot of a newborn with a skin peeling on white cloth. Skin allergies in newborn called Vernix. the concept of health care and medical.
Why Your Newborn’s Skin Is Peeling
Woman looking in bathroom mirror, touching neck - stock photo
Skin Elasticity: What It Is and How to Protect It
Healthy woman doing some stretching workout outdoors - stock photo
How to Tighten Skin After Weight Loss
A man smears cream on his elbows, close-up. - stock photo
What Causes Blotchy Skin?
moisturizing hands with lotion
Lotion for Dry Skin: Ingredients to Look For & Best Options
Woman scratching arm
Why Is Your Skin Itchy in the Winter?
asian woman with oily skin
How to Manage Oily Skin
Woman preparing healthy food in her kitchen
Best Foods for Clear Skin
A man removing the nail polish on his fingernails with a cotton pad
Effects of Acetone on Skin
Close-Up Of Oil Bottle On Table
Olive Oil Benefits for Your Skin
Senior woman in a massage treatment
Causes and Treatments for Skin Inflammation
Woman scratching neck
What Is Mange?
Dermatologist examining mole of female patient with magnifying glass - stock photo
How to Get Rid of Moles on Skin
Woman scratching arm
How to Get Fiberglass Out of Skin
Close up unhappy woman looking at acne spots in mirror - stock photo
What Is Dead Skin?
Teenage Girl Applying Facial Mask While Looking In Mirror At Bathroom - stock photo
What Is a Clay Mask?
Mature woman with make-up mirror massaging her face and neck - stock photo
What Is Liquid Collagen?
Close up of Asian woman worry about her face when she saw the problem of acne and scar by the mini mirror. - stock photo
What Is Fungal Acne?
Cute newborn baby girl in white blanket
What Are the Causes of Yellow Skin?
Face Mites
What Are Face Mites (Demodex Folliculorum)?
Castile Soap
What Is Castile Soap?
Young Woman Jogging on Brisbane Southbank
What You Should Know About Chafed Skin
What Causes Skin Redness?
Senior Woman's right hand pinching her left hand
What Is Skin Turgor?
best humidifiers for dry skin
The 6 Best Humidifiers for Dry Skin in 2021
What to Expect With Post Herpetic Neuralgia
Moisturiser isn't just for the face
Which Part of the Skin Protects You From Injury?
Woman shampooing her hair
Surfactants in Skin and Hair Products
Wart treatment woman
How to Know If You Have a Wart, Plus What You Can Do About It
Self care, another form of love
What Is Sebum and How Does Your Skin Produce It?
Treating chemical burns
How to Treat Chemical Burns and When to Seek Professional Care
Doctor treating a hand burn
What You Should Know About Silvadene Cream
A Tube of Hydrocortisone Cream
3 Ways Topical Steroids Reduce Skin Inflammation
Desquamation (sloughing of cells) from the Epidermis, Thick Skin, Human, 100X at 35mm. Shows: epidermal layers
How Melanocytes Defend Your Skin Against UV Rays
foot pain
What You Need to Know About Blood Blisters
Man concerned about pain in his armpit
What are the Causes of Armpit Pain?
Woman blowing her nose with a tissue
5 Reasons You Might Have an Itchy Face
Close-up shot, goosebumps
What Puberty Means for Peach Fuzz
Hands of woman applying hand cream
This Layer of Skin Is Key for Protecting and Insulating the Body
A soft caress over skin
What Is the Function of the Epidermis?
Itchy eyes
How to Put a Stop to Itching