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Sleep Disorder Diagnosis

Professionals use a variety of tests to diagnose sleep disorders. Learn about sleep studies, questionnaires, and other techniques used in the diagnostic process.
Woman watching TV in bed may be a night owl with delayed sleep phase syndrome
What Is Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome?
A picture of a man asleep on the couch with a computer on his lap.
Is Too Much Sleep a Medical Condition?
Fitness trackers may track sleep with wearable technology by measuring movements, heart rate, or other factors
How to Use Fitness Trackers to Improve Sleep and Ease Insomnia
Man Sleeping With Smart Watch In His Hand
Fitness Trackers: How Actigraphy Detects Sleep-Wake Patterns
Discover How to Use a Sleep Log or Sleep Diary to Diagnose Insomnia
A woman going into an MRI scan
Discover What to Expect in a Diagnostic Scan of the Head and Brain
A man dozing while reading would score highly on the Epworth sleepiness scale
How Does the Epworth Sleepiness Scale Assess You?
woman having an EEG
What It's Like to Have an Electroencephalogram (EEG)
Woman in bed looking at laptop in the dark
Why You Might Have Shortened Sleep Needs
Man snoring loudly
Should You Get a Home Sleep Study?
A man looks to his erection during nocturnal penile tumescence testing
Evaluating Erection Problems by Testing Penile Tumescence in Sleep
What to expect in overnight sleep study testing includes how to prepare, what happens during the study, and when results are interpreted
Overnight Sleep Study Testing: What to Expect
Overnight oximetry can measure oxygen levels during sleep and ensure optimal CPAP therapy response
Learn How to Use Overnight Pulse Oximetry to Test Sleep Oxygen Levels
Pulse oximeter reading on a finger
What Oxygen Desaturation Index (ODI) Means on a Sleep Study Report
Multiple Sleep Latency Testing May Diagnose Narcolepsy or Hypersomnia
Businessman napping at desk in office
How to Get a Narcolepsy Diagnosis With Multiple Sleep Latency Testing
Choosing a sleep doctor requires reviewing their training, board certification, and the resources the specialist has available to help you
How to Choose the Best Sleep Doctor Based on Training and Resources
Visiting a sleep doctor
How a Maintenance of Wakefulness Test Is Used to Study Sleep Disorders
sleep study
7 Diagnostic Tests for Sleep Disorders
Preparing for a sleep study may include avoiding insomnia with good sleep habits, relaxation techniques, or sleeping pills
How to Prepare for a Sleep Study and Avoid Insomnia During Testing
A man getting tested while he sleeps
Discover the Vast Features, Training, and Salary of Sleep Techs