Ways to Make a Probiotic Work for You

Ways to Make a Probiotic Work for You

Probiotic supplements contain good bacteria that can provide a health benefit. Since these are live cultures, it’s important to take care of these “friendly” bacteria and give them the best chance to provide a benefit to health. We’ve partnered with Align to bring you the various ways you can increase effectiveness of your probiotic supplement.

Store Correctly

Factors like light exposure, moisture, and temperature may affect live cultures. Check labels for recommended storage instructions—they vary across brands.

Note the Expiration Date

A probiotic that is past the expiration or "use by" date may no longer contain adequate levels of live probiotics to deliver a benefit.

Follow Serving Instructions

Some probiotics only need to be taken once daily, while others may require multiple servings per day to get the desired benefit.

Consider Pairing With Food

Check the usage directions on your probiotic. Some can be taken on an empty stomach, while others may recommend that you take it with food.

Check Antibiotic Recommendations

Some people take probiotics while on antibiotics. Unless the product indicates it survives antibiotics, it may be best to allow 1-2 hours between taking and antibiotic and your probiotic.

Let Your Body Adjust

It's normal to experience bloating or gas when introducing a probiotic to your routine. Stick with your routine. The symptoms should pass as your body adjusts.

Try a Prebiotic

Prebiotics help nourish the good bacteria that are located in your digestive system.

Support Your Digestive Health

Meditation, yoga and other exercise can help alleviate stress, which is a factor that can affect your digestive health.

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