What Is Spooning?

A Type of Snuggling Done Facing the Same Direction

Gay couple spooning

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Spooning is a type of cuddling. When people spoon they lie facing the same direction, one person's back against the other person's front. By doing this, they fit together like spoons in a drawer, leading to the term spooning.

Some people also engage in sexual activities while spooning. Spooning can be a good position for mutual masturbation, frottage, or vaginal or anal intercourse.

When spooning, the person on the outside of the cuddle is referred to as the big spoon and the person on the inside of the cuddle is referred to as the little spoon. Gender, height, and body size don't matter. Anyone can be the big spoon or the little spoon, and often people will switch off if they spoon for a long time, such as during sleep.

Although spooning can be sexual, it doesn't have to be. People can spoon platonically or with friends. Spooning is just a nice way to be close to someone.

What Types of People Like Spooning?

Spooning can be a comfortable, enjoyable activity for people of any gender identity, age, or sexual orientation. It can be a way to take a nap with a friend or a prelude to sexual activity. Although not everyone enjoys spooning, many people find it a nice way to be close to someone they care about.

What Is Forking?

Spooning is a term that most people agree on the definition of. It means lying together, facing the same way. Forking, however, is a term that can have many meanings.

Some people use forking to describe snuggling while facing each other, with limbs tangled like fork tines. Other people use forking to describe sexual intercourse from behind. In other words, they use it to describe sexual intercourse that occurs while spooning.

There is a problematic saying that "spooning leads to forking." For some people, that's simply a play on words. However, others could see it as an invitation to violate someone's boundaries.

When someone agrees to spoon with you, that may well be all they're agreeing to. They're not inherently agreeing to fondling, heavy petting, or any other forms of sexual activity.

Before changing from cuddling to any form of sexual activity, it's important to negotiate that with your partner.

A Word From Verywell

Spooning can be sexual but it doesn't have to be. It's important for people to realize that sometimes spooning can just be a nice way to be close to someone you like, without any sexual interest or intention.

Is spooning cheating? That depends on how couples have negotiated their relationship boundaries.

For many people, spooning with a friend is just another way of being close, and it has absolutely no effect on their romantic or sexual relationships. However, some couples very strictly regulate how they can each be close with people of particular genders, which may include things like spooning with friends.

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