5 Steps for Employees to Improve Their Own Performance


Become Familiar With Expectations

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It is the medical office manager's job to set clear expectations. It is the employee's job to become familiar with them. Medical office staff cannot be effective in their role without knowing what is expected of them and putting forth the effort to achieve them. Not being familiar with expectations often makes an employee feel like a fish out of water. Jobs that require you to "sink or swim" set you up for failure. If your manager does not take provide you with clear expectations, ask him or her to provide them to you. You cannot be expected to accomplish your tasks effectively if you don't know what they are.


Take Full Advantage of Resources Provided

Utilizing Resources
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Taking full advantage of the resources and tools provided by the practice or medical office will help you tremendously in pursuit of accomplishing goals or expectations. Not only does it make your job easier, it often saves lots of time and effort. For instance, many practice management software systems have the capability to verify insurance information electronically. Using the software, can save a minimum of twenty minutes of being on the phone with an insurance representative or listening to an automated system to get the same information. Not only is it more efficient to use the tools provided, it also helps you to achieve expectations.  Don't forget to make suggestions to your medical office manager about other resources that are available to make your job more efficient.


Take Full Advantage of Ongoing Education and Training

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Taking full advantage of ongoing education and training is another way to accomplish the expectations of the job. Applying what you learn from education and training opportunities shows that you are doing your part to improve your performance.  It is during these education and training sessions that super users emerge as the leaders of the group that can help others that do not catch on as quickly. Whether you are the super user or one that needs extra help, be open to learning new things and take the learning seriously so that it will be easier to adapt to any changes that may occur. If your manager is not offering education and training opportunities, take it upon yourself to find some and suggest them.  


Ask For Guidance and Direction When Needed

Sharing Information
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You know more than anyone else what your strengths and weaknesses are. Never be afraid to ask for help when you cannot accomplish your goals on your own. Your manager does not want to see you fail and is an additional resource when the tools, education, and training are not enough. Most of the time, those resources will be enough to get you through just about any task. However, there are times that you need another set of eyes or ears to help you get through a difficult situation. Don't be afraid to ask for help!


Utilize Feedback for Employee Evaluations

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 To recap:

  1. You have become familiar with the expectations of your job
  2. You have taken advantage of all the resources and tools provided
  3. You have taken advantage of the education and training provided
  4. You have asked your medical office manager for help when needed

Now it is time for semi-annual and annual reviews.  Managers and staff usually have different ideas about the purpose of an employee evaluation or review.  Some believe it is to determine pay increases, to identify areas of improvement, or to have documentation for future use.  For some, it could be all of these. It is also a tool for improving employee performance.  The feedback provided by your review is invaluable information that will help you to improve your performance.

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