All surgeries have both benefits and risks. Make the best choice for you by learning about each, tips for preparation, and what to expect in recovery.
Major or minor, all surgeries have both benefits and risks. Make the best choice for you by learning about each, tips for preparation, and what to expect in recovery.
epidural for pain relief after surgery
Epidural For Pain Relief After Surgery
surgeons working on a patient
Purpose of Vascular Surgery
doctor holding a model of the prostate gland
What Is the Purpose of Prostate Surgery?
doctor and patient
Ablation Surgery: Recovery
prepping for heart bypass surgery
Heart Bypass Surgery Overview
preparing for colonoscopy
Colonoscopy: Long-Term Care
Balloon angioplasty procedure
What You Should Know About Balloon Angiography
Ketamine In Anesthesia Induction
Ketamine Is an Anesthetic Medication for Surgery
Woman with no shirt on looking down at herself
Body Asymmetry: Why Is One Hand or Breast Bigger?
Conjoined twins are rare
Overview of Conjoined Twin Separation Surgery
Human blood for transfusion in Boston
What Is the Universal Recipient Blood Type?
Surgeon tying his mask
What You Should Know About Medical Tourism
Home healthcare nurse tending to picc line of recovering patient
How PICC Lines Allow Fluids and Medications to Get Into the Bloodstream
Man going under anesthesia
Know the Risks of General Anesthesia Before Surgery
Doctor examining pregnant patient's belly
How to Know If Your Body Parts Are Anterior or Posterior
Organ Weight
How Much Do Your Organs Weigh?
Multi-ethnic doctors operating girl at hospital
Dying During Surgery: The Risk of Death During Any Procedure
Female doctor examining newborn baby in incubator
There Is No Way to Prevent This Kind of Hernia
Anesthesia Provider
Local Anesthesia for Surgical Procedures
Making a snowball, chamonix, france
Necrosis: What You Should Know
surgeons operating using laparoscopic instruments
What to Expect From Minimally-Invasive Laparoscopic Surgery
A doctor checking a patients spleen
Learn About the Function of the Spleen and Why You Can Live Without It
Operating room staff performing hospital surgery
Maxillofacial Surgery Made Easy to Understand
What Is Magnetic Resonance Enterography?
Robot-assisted hysterectomy
The Types of Prolapses and Surgical Treatment
Surgeons performing surgery in operating room
Understanding Medical Trauma and How It's Treated
Woman checking blood sugar
The Difference Between Acute and Chronic Illnesses
Surgeons performing surgery in operating room.
What to Expect From an Escarotomy
A doctor adjusting light in operating room
Why a Resection Surgery May Be Necessary
How the Word Bilateral Is Used in Medicine
Operating nurse soothing patient on table in operating room
What You Should Know About Conscious Sedation
Team of nurses and surgeons in surgery
What Kinds of Conditions Can a General Surgeon Operate On?
Close up of doctor wearing surgical gloves, holding oxygen mask over patient in operating theater
Paralytics Are Medications Given During Surgery and General Anesthesia
Surgeons performing cardiothoracic surgery
Types of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Handing doctor surgical tool in operating room.
Vascular Surgery for Treating Blood Vessels Throughout the Body
Surgeons performing surgery in operating room
The Difference Between Open and Minimally Invasive Surgery
nurse writing on clipboard and man in hospital bed in the background
Bacteremia Can Lead to Sepsis or Septic Shock
Team of doctors performing surgery in operating theater
What You Should Know: Prophylaxis and Prophylactic Health Treatments
patient resting after surgery with doctor writing on a chart
Find out What the Perioperative Phases of Surgery Are
closeup of a young caucasian doctor man sitting at his office desk observing a chest radiograph in a tablet computer
Pulmonary: The Medical Definition
Nurse putting oxygen mask to patient during surgery
What Does Preoperative Mean?
Surgeons performing surgery in operating room
Types of Ablations Procedures and Techniques
patient in hospital bed speaking with two surgeons
Inpatient Surgery vs. Outpatient Surgery
Surgeons operating on patient
The Use of in Situ in Surgery and Cancer Treatments
Human ligaments, illustration
Cervical: Understanding the Multiple Meanings of the Term
Surgeon Beginning Procedure With Scalpel In Hand, Close-up
How and Why Excisions Are Performed During a Surgery
Gastric bypass, illustration
Anastomosis Definition and Examples
Surgeons performing gastric bypass surgery
Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss
What Is Intubation and Why Is It Done?
Doctor Examining Patient's Throat
Types of Strictures and Their Causes
liver biopsy supporting with Ultrasound
Understanding Why a Biopsy Is Performed
transparent urine plastic bag and pee catheter hang under patient bed in hospital
Foley and Other Catheters: When and Why You May Need One
Woman getting ready for an MRI
What You Should Know About MRI
Concentrating surgeons performing operation in operating room
Ambulatory Surgery: How Same Day Surgery Is Different
'Boy lying in hospital bed, coloring'
Parents! Prepare Your Child for Surgery With Free Coloring Books
Mature surgeon using scalpel during surgery
Surgical Incisions: Types and Care After Surgery
surgical team in operating room
The Role and Responsibilities of a Surgical Scrub Technician
Epidural anesthesia
Is Regional or General Anesthesia Better During Surgery?
Doctor and nurse talking with patient in hospital bed
Overview of the Foley Catheter and Surgery
Orthopedic surgeon operating on a foot
How Many Surgeries Should Your Surgeon Have Done Before Yours?