Preparing for Surgery

Learn what questions to ask in advance, what to do at home, and more so you surgery can be as safe and successful as possible.
Knowing what to expect and how best to prepare for a surgery can not only help keep you safe and improve outcomes, but help you approach your procedure with more confidence.
An operating nurse soothing a patient in the operating room
How to Choose a Hospital or Surgery Center
Steps involved in gastric sleeve procedure
Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Overview
Nurse getting ready to insert butterfly needle into patient's arm
Butterfly Needles: Pros and Cons for Blood Draws and IVs
fever, temperature, thermometer
Should You Take the Flu Shot Before Surgery?
Surgeon tying his mask
6 Tips for Choosing a Great Surgeon
Surgeon talking to patient before surgery
10 Things to Tell Your Surgeon Before Surgery
Hispanic female doctor smiling at patient being wheeled into operating room
How to Get a Second Opinion on Surgery
Close up of surgical tools and money
How to Pay for Surgery Costs Without Insurance
Anesthetist in an operating room
Understanding Surgical Risks
Dentist's chair
How to Prepare for Oral Surgery
Row of test tube with blood samples
Liver Function Tests: Uses, Side Effects, Procedure, Results
liver graphic
Assessing Surgical Risk in Those With Liver Disease
Surgeon operating patient on table at hospital
Best Waiting Time Between Surgeries
Woman with cramps
Treating Adenomyosis With Hysterectomy Surgery
Surgeon talking to patient before surgery
When Can a Patient Decide to Say No to Surgery?
Urethrotomy: Uses, Side Effects, Procedure, and Results
Scientist examining test tubes in lab
What Do Your PT, PTT, and INR Results Mean?
Nurse getting blood from on a female donor
How to Improve Your Blood Lab Draw
Patient with a respiratory mask on operating table
Why You Can't Eat or Drink Before Surgery
A doctor holding six blood tests
Blood Thinners Before, During and After Surgery
Surgeon and team position patient under xray machine
Why You Remove Piercings and Jewelry Before Surgery
Vials in lab
Chem 7 Blood Chemistry Tests: Basic Metabolic Panel
Anesthetist adjusting intravenous drip during open heart operating
Versed (Midazolam) For Sedation and Surgery
Anesthetist administering gas to patient
Types of Anesthesia Used During Surgery
female doctor taking blood sample
What Your CBC Blood Test Results Say About Your Health
Surgeons performing surgery in operating room
Ways to Improve Your Surgery and Recovery
man staying in hospital
How to Pack for a Comfortable Hospital Stay
a surgeon putting on gloves
What to Do If You Need to Have Surgery While Traveling
Doctor attending patient at ICU
How Quitting Smoking Can Benefit Surgery Patients
woman getting sick on toilet
What to Do If You Get Sick Before Your Surgery
Marijuana, Surgery, and Anesthesia
Scalpel on surgical cloth, close-up
How to Decide If You Need Surgery
a person facing away from camera and holding a model of a kidney
Get Info on the Multiple Causes of Kidney Failure
Female nurse giving pill to patient on hospital bed
Common Medications Before, During, and After Surgery
Man talking to his doctor
How To Do a Bowel Prep for Colonoscopy or Surgery
Urinary catheter bag
Urinary Catheters Explained
Surgical instruments
10 Common Questions Before Surgery
Vial of blood being picked up by a gloved hand
Understanding Common Blood Tests and What They Mean
woman going under Anesthesia
When Anesthesia Awareness Occurs
Blood Sample Tube in Hand
Transfusions of Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBCs)
Administering drugs through a central line.
Why a Central Line Is Necessary and Associated Risks
A scientist viewing a blood sample under a microscope
Blood Work Tests Before Surgery
Blood test vials
Common Blood and Imaging Tests Before and After Surgery
patient talking to doctor
Important Questions to Ask Before You Have Surgery
Depression and Surgery Image
Understanding and Dealing With a Fear of Surgery
patient resting after surgery with doctor writing on a chart
How to Prepare for Your Surgery
man calculating bill
Why Heart Surgery and Other Types of Surgery Cost So Much
Anesthesia and Surgery Image
Vecuronium Norcuron (Anesthesia Drug)
Operating nurse soothing patient on table in operating room
How Diprivan Is Used During Surgery
Surgeon consulting a patient, holding hands, getting ready for surgery
Gallbladder Surgery: What to Expect on the Day of Surgery
explaining the operation
Hernia Surgery: How To Prepare
Pensive adult black patient looking away to the window while lying down on hospital bed
Hysterectomy: What to Expect on the Day of Surgery
how to prepare for a mastectomy
Mastectomy: How to Prepare
Cataract surgery - stock photo
Cataract Surgery: How To Prepare
Preparing patient for laser eye surgery - stock photo
Cataract Surgery: What to Expect on the Day of Surgery
Nurse comforting senior female patient
Mastectomy: What to Expect on the Day of Surgery
Meshes For Hernia - stock photo
Hernia Surgery: What to Expect on the Day of Surgery
Three Surgeons in Scrubs and Protective Masks Look Down at a Patient on a Hospital Trolley
Vaginoplasty: How to Prepare