Recovering From Surgery

Learn about recovery timelines, rehab and therapies, dos and don'ts, and other tips for healing and preventing complications.
Recovery begins as soon as your procedure is over. Learn about dos and don'ts, rehab and therapies, and other tips for healing and preventing complications.
Woman With a Sore Throat at the Doctors stock photo
Pneumomediastinum: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Coping
Tracheostomy Care
Naloxone preloaded syringe with an intranasal applicator attached
Using Narcan (Naloxone) as Overdose Treatment
Man With Constipation
Constipation After Surgery and How to Treat It
Pain or cramps in stomach
Understanding Stool Changes After Surgery
Patient with fever
When Does Fever After Surgery Become a Concern?
Doctors with patient in hospital
What to Expect When Recovering From Surgery
Peritonitis: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Doctor examining female patient's leg
How to Control Post-Surgery Pain Management
Tensor bandage around elbow after operation
The Types of Post-Surgery Pain You May Experience
Nurse handing a surgery patient a glass of water
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) After Surgery
Old woman with a ventilator mask in hospital
Respiratory Therapy After Surgery
Doctor talking to recovering patient after surgery
Timing of Recovering After Surgery
Anesthesiologist holding oxygen mask over patients face in operating room
When a Ventilator Is Necessary
Surgeon hand hold scalpel and tweezers
Types of Debridement of a Wound
Photo of a man with an amputation talking to a doctor.
Types of Lower Extremity Amputations
Woman in bed holding stomach
Common Causes of Constipation After Surgery
Man frying vegetables
Malnutrition After Gastric Bypass Surgery
Close-Up Of Woman With Oxygen Mask
Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) Treatments
c-section scar
How to Prevent or Minimize Surgery Scars
Surgeon closing stitches
What to Know About How Wounds Are Closed
Nurse at work with patient after leg broken operation
Surgical Wound Dehiscence and Evisceration
Nurse changing surgical bandage on patient
Step-By-Step Surgical Bandage Changing Instructions
Man in a hospital bed
Complications and Common Problems After Surgery
Sad woman suffering from insomnia
Causes and Cures for Trouble Sleeping After Surgery
operating room
Causes of Sore Throat After Surgery
Woman wearing blood pressure gauge
Causes of Hypertension After Surgery
Mature female patient sitting on exam table in exam room looking down
Signs and Symptoms of Depression After Surgery
a woman running a bath
How Long After Surgery Before You Can Take a Bath
Doctors examined the patient,hospital
Pus: Types, Causes, Treatment, Prevention
Nurse setting up IV drip
Morphine and Surgery: Drug Usage, Side Effects, and Risks
nurse holding nebulizer
Breathing Treatments After Surgery
Urethrotomy: Uses, Side Effects, Procedure, and Results
Doctor talking to patient
What to Know About Flumazenil
doctor smiling at a young patient in a hospital bed
Signs and Symptoms of an Infection After Surgery
Filling up a glass of water from the tap
Recovering After Hemorrhoid Surgery