How To Teach Your Teen Daughter to Shave

A Right of Passage for Every Young Woman

Teen girls will begin growing hair on their legs, underarms and genital area in the early stages of puberty. This can be embarrassing for them when they need to wear shorts, t-shirts or a bathing suit.

It is important for your daughter’s body image for you to teach her how to shave as soon as it becomes an issue for her.

How To Teach Your Teen Daughter to Shave

  1. Take a trip to the store and allow her to choose the products she prefers. Include a razor, shaving cream, lotion and a bag or basket to store them in.
  2. In a pair of shorts or a bathing suit, have your teen sit at the edge of the bathtub with about 2 inches of water. Moms, you can follow along with your teen and teach by modeling. Dads, ask your daughter what she is comfortable with you doing (you don’t have to shave your legs).
  3. Explain to your teen daughter that there are four things to remember about shaving that will help her keep from getting cuts:
    1. You need a sharp razor, shaving cream and water.
    2. You need to take your time.
    3. You do not need to put a lot of pressure on the razor.
    4. You need to be in a warm room.
  4. Show her how to lather up the shaving cream and how much is the appropriate amount for her leg. Ask her to lather up her leg. Rinse off and do again until she is comfortable.
  5. Demonstrate to her how to hold the razor in her dominate hand and how the head on the razor is applied to the skin. Use your own leg as an example. Repeat that she should use light pressure when shaving.
  6. Allow her to hold the razor. Check to see that she is holding it correctly, then allow her to shave starting at the top of the ankle and up two inches. Tell her to rinse the razor well and do another two inches. She should repeat this process for the whole leg. Be sure she does not use too much pressure going around the knee or the ankle where bones can stick out and cause cuts.
  7. When she is done shaving both legs and has dried them off, have her apply the lotion to avoid dryness on her legs. She may want to wait a couple of hours for this step if she has given herself a close shave, as lotion can irritate the skin.
  8. Show her how to place lather on her underarms and shave them. Some women are tempted to do this quickly and without lather. This can cause a stinging rash, especially if your daughter then applies deodorant. Be sure she takes her time and shaves correctly.
  9. To shave a bikini line, your teen daughter should already know the ins and outs of shaving her legs and underarms. This practice will help her from cutting herself. Have her wear her bikini to see the line of where she wants to shave. Ask her to use caution and answer any questions she may have, then allow her to do this on her own. Check back with her to be sure there are no more questions.
  10. Last, but not least, show your teen daughter how to wipe up the hair and leave the tub clean after she is done. This step should become part of her shaving habit.

A Few Final Tips

  • If you do not shave your legs you will need to get some direction from someone who does before having your daughter try it out.
  • If your teen nicks herself, have her hold a tissue to the nick to slow and stop the bleeding.
  • Enjoy this time together. Use humor and talk about everyday things as you go.
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