The Benefits of Massularia Acuminata

massularia acuminata for testosterone
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Massularia acuminata is a plant native to tropical regions of western Africa. Long used in certain systems of traditional African medicine, extracts of its stems and roots are available in dietary supplement form. Massularia acuminata is said to offer a variety of health effects, including increased testosterone levels.

Uses for Massularia Acuminata

In some forms of traditional African medicine, the stems of Massularia acuminata are used as chewing sticks to improve oral health. Traditional use of Massularia acuminata also includes applying the extract of the plant's leaves directly to the skin to help alleviate muscle pain.

In addition, extract of Massularia acuminata appears as an ingredient in some dietary supplements used to increase testosterone levels in men. It's purported that Massularia acuminata can stimulate the body's production of testosterone, and in turn provide benefits for the following:

Some proponents suggest that Massularia acuminata can also act as an aphrodisiac.

Benefits of Massularia Acuminata

Although Massularia acuminata has been used in traditional medicine for many years, scientists have yet to explore its health effects in clinical trials. Still, several older animal-based studies indicate that Massularia acuminata might offer certain health benefits. Here's a look at some findings from the available research on Massularia acuminata:


In a preliminary study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2008, researchers found that treating rats with extracts of Massularia acuminata stems helped increase the animals' testosterone levels. Given this finding, the study's authors concluded that Massularia acuminata may help improve testicular function.

Additionally, a preliminary study published in the German journal Andrologia in 2011 suggests that extracts of Massularia acuminata root may enhance libido. In tests on rats, the study's authors observed that Massularia acuminata also helped increase the concentration of testosterone in the animals' blood. The testosterone level was still lesser than the control medication. The authors suggest that Massularia acuminata shows promise in the treatment of such disorders as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Oral Health

Using Massularia acuminata stems as chewing sticks may help improve gum health, suggests a small study from a 1999 edition of the Senegalese publication Tropical Dental Journal. For the study, 60 12-year-old students in Nigeria were given Massularia acuminata, Distemonanthus benthamianus (another type of chewing stick), or toothbrushes to use as oral hygiene tools for six weeks.

At the study's end, researchers found that Massularia acuminata, Distemonanthus benthamianus, and the toothbrushes were equally effective in maintaining oral hygiene. What's more, both Massularia acuminata and Distemonanthus benthamianus appeared to be more effective in improving the health of gums (compared to the toothbrushes).

It's thought that Massularia acuminata's effects on oral health may be related to the actions of antimicrobial compounds (i.e., substances that destroy or suppress the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria).

Side Effects

Because the health effects of Massularia acuminata have yet to be tested in clinical trials, the safety of this herb is currently unknown. However, since some animal-based research indicates that Massularia acuminata may interfere with liver function and be harmful to the liver, it's important to take caution and consult your physician prior to using dietary supplements containing this herb.

Keep in mind that supplements haven't been tested for safety and dietary supplements are largely unregulated. In some cases, the product may deliver doses that differ from the specified amount for each herb. In other cases, the product may be contaminated with other substances such as metals. Also, the safety of supplements in pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and those with medical conditions or who are taking medications has not been established. You can get further tips on using supplements here.

Where to Find It

Dietary supplements containing Massularia acuminata are sold in some natural-food stores and stores specializing in dietary supplements, as well as online.

The Takeaway

In addition to Massularia acuminata, many herbs and dietary supplements (such as DHEA, Bulbine natalensis, Tribulus terrestris, and Tongkat ali are said to increase testosterone levels, however there's little scientific support for the effectiveness of any natural remedy in boosting testosterone production.

Certain lifestyle changes (such as getting sufficient sleep, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, managing your stress, and limiting your alcohol consumption) may help protect against decreased testosterone levels.

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