The Dying Process

Though you may know someone who has passed, what happens at the end of life can sometimes be a bit of a mystery. Learning more about the dying process can help you prepare and cope.
Elderly woman hugging another woman
How You Can Help a Dying Friend or Loved One
Elderly Care
Do I Have to Tell My Loved One That He's Dying?
Husband at sick wife's side in the hospital
Preparing for and Anticipating a Loved One's Death
Woman in park, grieving
DABDA: The 5 Stages of Coping With Death
Coming to grips with loss
How to Prepare for Death in Your Own Home
Mount Rushmore
Famous Last Words of the US Presidents
Elderly couple
How to Make Difficult Life-Prolonging Healthcare Decisions
Hand in hospital bed
Overview of Physician Assisted Suicide Arguments
half winter landscape symbolizing the changes in the body after death
What Physically Happens to Your Body Right After Death
Woman at table writing down thoughts
10 Tasks to Do If You Have a Terminal Illness
Père Lachaise Cemetery. The Columbarium.
Learn What Direct Cremation Is
death doula
Services a Death Doula Provides
Holding hands
What Happens When You're Dying From Colon Cancer
Woman holding hand of man in hospital, close up
Talking About Death With a Dying Person
an older woman touching an older man's forehead
How to Talk to a Dying Loved One
Woman caressing ill man in hospital ward
6 Steps for Recognizing and Coping With Dying
Doctor holding patient's hand in hospital
Reasons for Requesting Physician-Assisted Suicide
Stressed older woman
Stress and the Dying Process
hospital respirator
How a POLST Works and When You Need One