Save 50% on This Best-Selling Massaging Eye Mask and Leave Eye Strain Behind

The RENPHO Eye Massager with Heat Takes on Migraines and Eye Pain

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If you’re like many people, eye strain, headaches, and migraines are a common occurrence—and (thanks to time spent in front of screens) they might even be a daily issue. What’s more, these problems often carry over to bedtime, when it should be time to finally rest tired eyes. Thankfully, RENPHO has the solution.

The creator of some of our favorite health and wellness products—including our top-tested bathroom scale and one of our favorite HEPA air purifiers—has an eye mask that quickly relieves eye and head pain, including migraines, according to thousands of rave reviews. One reviewer even said that it helped knock out migraine pain without medication in just a few uses.

RENPHO Massaging Eye Mask with Heat


Buy now: RENPHO Eye Massager with Heat $64 with coupon (was $130);

During Cyber Week, RENPHO’s Eye Massager with Heat is marked down 50%, making it just $64. This do-it-all eye mask includes heating pads that massage your eyes in two ways: oscillating and percussive. You can also customize your massage with five different modes, combining heat, vibration, and compression.

Skeptical about eye massages? It turns out that not only are they relaxing, but they also offer relief for plenty of eye conditions in addition to tired eyes. Eye massage can help to relieve oil buildup on eyelids that leads to blepharitis, a condition that leads to itchy, irritated eyelids. This mask’s additional heat function can also work to solve dry eye by opening up the meibomian glands and redirecting moisture to your eyes. So while it seems like the heated eye massage feature is a gimmick, it’s a great way to tackle plenty of eye issues at once.

The mask's compression feature inflates and deflates the outer edge of the mask, which may help to further relieve pressure around the head and eyes by targeting acupressure points.

If you want the full spa experience, this mask is Bluetooth-ready to connect to your favorite relaxing music. You can even control your music directly on the mask’s front, with volume and track change buttons. This durable mask folds in half for easy travel so you can make plane rides a little more bearable. 

Snag the RENPHO Eye Massager with Heat while it’s half off for an easy gifting win—or even just a way to dial back some of your holiday stress.

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