"There Is a Cure for Diabetes" by Gabriel Cousens

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The Bottom Line

There is a Cure for Diabetes: The Tree of Life 21-Day Program is a book written by Gabriel Cousens, MD, a medical doctor, psychiatrist, family therapist and homeopathic physician.

This book introduces and proposes a raw food diet to control diabetes. It is based on a program offered at the author's holistic retreat. He claims the program can make insulin and other medicines unnecessary within four days as well as correct diabetes physiology within two weeks.

The diet includes raw vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains and cooked legumes.

"There is a Cure for Diabetes" Pros and Cons


  • Encourages consumption of whole unprocessed foods
  • All the foods are low on the glycemic index
  • The diet is highly nutritious
  • May cause you to look at food in a new way
  • Enlightens readers to the power of certain foods
  • Provides many ideas and tools for gaining better control of diabetes


  • Very strict diet that may be difficult to learn and follow
  • Diet can be relatively more expensive
  • The book can be a difficult read for some and the organization and format could be better
  • It was hard to find previously-read information and sometimes it felt incomplete
  • It felt like an advertisement for the holistic retreat and that I wouldn't be able to thoroughly follow the program without going on a retreat
  • Some of the foods may be hard to find

Guide Review

I read many books on diabetes and feel the right foods can be very powerful in diabetes management. There is a Cure for Diabetes by Gabriel Cousens is a good addition to my ever-growing collection of books on diabetes.

I followed this program for several months. As a result, I was able to stop my diabetes medications and maintain normal blood sugar levels. However, due to challenges in budget, time, and resistance in those around me, I had a hard time maintaining it.

Although I was not able to continue this program 100% of the time, I made many permanent changes in my diet and way of thinking about food because of this book.

This hefty book contains a lot of information such as why the author feels people get diabetes, what happens in our bodies, and what foods do. Also included is detailed information on different foods, eating programs and recipes.

In a nutshell, the program calls for eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts and cooked beans. The reader is asked to progress through stages to culminate in a permanently changed lifestyle.

I don't mind trying restrictive diets with the guidance of my doctor and many people in the diabetes community identify themselves as "raw foodies." However, this program may seem impossible to some.

I wish the book had a better layout and index. It was hard locating things I had read earlier. Toward the end of the book, there was information on cooking beans, but I did not remember reading about them earlier in the book and could not locate the information.

The Bottom Line

Information on raw food diets can be overwhelming with a steep learning curve. It would be beneficial to have the information presented in a way that is easier to follow, more complete and with practical details for readers who are new to the concept.

In spite of this, There is a Cure for Diabetes is still a worthwhile read.

While I saw benefits with the program, I would be hard pressed to call it a definitive "cure" and have a personal issue calling it that.

It should be noted that people who attempt this way of life should consult their doctor as even whole natural foods can have interactions with medications or other conditions.

If you have read this book, please share your opinion. Have you tried this or other alternative diets? If so, please share your experience.

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