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Theresa Burns

Writer and educator


Reproductive healthcare, Education, Fibroids, Ovarian cysts, Medical sexism


New York University


Theresa has over fifteen years of experience in education as a professional tutor. She specializes in clearly communicating complex concepts to a wide variety of people of all ages and backgrounds. Theresa also has extensive experience navigating the American healthcare system as a fibroid and ovarian cyst survivor, and now helps others self advocate to receive the reproductive healthcare they need and deserve.

- Graduated with Honors from New York University in just 3 years
- 15+ Years as a professional private tutor
- Successfully raised the test scores of over 600 students


Theresa Burns graduated from New York University in 2009, after completing her degree in only 3 years. She graduated with a 3.8 GPA and no student loans, thanks to the multiple scholarships she won. After tutoring privately for a few years, Theresa was hired as an elite, private tutor at various tutoring companies in 2012. Theresa has successfully helped hundreds of students raise their test scores, including many highly anxious students and students with learning differences.

After being diagnosed with ovarian cysts in 2010 and fibroids in 2018, and then having to fight much harder than should have been necessary to be taken seriously and access appropriate care, Theresa began using her tutoring skills to educate the public on medical sexism, reproductive injustice, and how to access appropriate reproductive healthcare.


New York University- Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors in Theatre
Fontbonne Hall Academy: Valedictorian

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