Thyroid appearing in a woman's neck

Living With Thyroid Disease

Living well with thyroid disease means both knowing what you need to manage your health and finding ways to deal with your symptoms. Start those important steps here.
women having thyroid examined
Living Well With Thyroid Disease
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Eating a Healthy Diet for Your Thyroid Condition
woman in bed with supplements in hand
Taking Dietary Supplements When You Have Thyroid Disease
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Taking a Decongestant May Not Be Wise if You Have Thyroid Disease
Vaccination of senior person in hospital
Do People With Thyroid Disease Need the Flu Shot?
paleo diet salad
Is the Paleo Diet Safe With Thyroid Disease?
brazil nuts
What to Know About Selenium and Your Thyroid
Checking hair in mirror
The Link Between Thyroid Disease and Hair Loss
Herbal Medicine
Natural and Herbal Options for Thyroid Disease
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Dealing With Fatigue Related to Thyroid Disease
Woman with arms outstretched in snow
Keep Winter Weather From Affecting Your Thyroid Function
sugar substitute packets in a glass container on a white, painted wood surface - artificial sweetener - part of a series
Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners, and Thyroid Disease: What to Know
Woman shopping for organic fruit.
A Low-Iodine Diet Can Make Radioactive Iodine Treatment More Effective
Male passenger using laptop during flight
How to Travel Safely When You Have a Thyroid Condition
Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey's Thyroid Journey: Is She Cured?
Hillary Clinton
A Look at 11 Celebrities With Thyroid Problems
Mature Couple Relaxing with Tablet and Smartphone
How Thyroid Disease in Men Differ From Women
Thyroid cancer awareness ribbon in Teal Pink Blue symbolic bow color in doctor's hand to support patient with tumor illness
Leading Thyroid Disease Charities and Organizations
friends and family of thyroid patients
An Open Letter to Family and Friends of Thyroid Patients