Tightening the Tackle AKA Scrotal Rejuvenation

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Rejuvenation of the genitalia is not only for the ladies! The Vajacial (aka the vaginal facial) now has a male counterpart. A Vajacial is completely different from a vaginoplasty procedure which tightens the walls of the vagina and is also different from a labiaplasty which shortens elongated labia. The vajacial is usually done after having a Brazilian wax or a Hollywood wax which can irritate and redden the skin. The vajacial entails exfoliation, ingrown hair extraction, lightening or bleaching cream application, and the application of calming masks to the area. The male equivalent of vaginal/labial rejuvenation is scrotal rejuvenation known informally as “ball ironing,” “tightening the tackle,” or a “scrotal lift.” Men too can enjoy a facial for their private parts.

tightening the tackle
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Ever since the King of the Silver Foxes, George Clooney joked about having his “balls ironed,” there has been an increase in the number of men requesting rejuvenation of their family jewels, medically known as the scrotum. There are things that can be done to address the inadequacies some men have about their private parts, specifically the scrotal area. Wrinkles on the scrotum, hair on the scrotum, and discoloration on the scrotum can be improved with a scrotal beauty procedure. Just like skin on any other area of the body, the scrotal skin ages. Because it is thin, comparable to the skin around the eyes, it is even more susceptible to aging changes.

So exactly how does a man go about smoothing out his scrotal wrinkles and tidying up down there? To "tighten your tackle,” a laser is used to even out skin tone, tighten skin, and to remove skin tags. Hair can also be reduced with use of a laser, on both the pubic area and the scrotum. This is technically known as the “Male Laser Lift,” as it has been named by its inventor, registered nurse Jamie Sherrill. Nurse Jamie, as she calls herself, does state that term “ironing” may be a misnomer as it is impossible to completely remove every last scrotal wrinkle. So men, dreams of cue ball type smoothness should be thrown out the window. This is especially true for you men who desire children, as the scrotal skin needs to be able to expand and contract to maintain a suitable environment for sperm production.

Is there a way to completely remove wrinkles from the scrotum? A scrotoplasty which cannot be performed by a nurse, but can be done with the skills of a plastic surgeon, can reduce wrinkles of the scrotum. It is important to emphasize that the surgical procedure will never eliminate every last wrinkle. The procedure can also reduce the amount of loose skin surrounding the testicles so that they do not hang as low. A low-hanging and enlarged scrotum can cause irritation from friction along the inner thighs. The enlargement occurs as men age. It can cause discomfort in underwear and tight pants and may be unsightly to some, compelling some men to opt for scrotum reduction surgery, or scrotoplasty.

While there are no incisions made during non-surgical male scrotal rejuvenation, as with any procedure, complications or risks are possible. Lasers can burn the skin and who knows how the sperm can be affected in the long run. No long term studies on laser use directed to the scrotal area have been published. If you are squeamish about lasers around your scrotum or you are just not sure if the benefits or worth the potential risks, sticking to manscaping may be your best bet. If manscaping is also not your cup of tea, rest assured. Good genital hygiene – yes, liberal use of soap and water - goes a long way, whether your chosen sexual partners are male, female or both. Trust me, I’m a doctor.

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