Top 4 Athlete's Foot Treatments

Fight Foot Fungus

Athlete's foot can be a frustrating and annoying problem. This condition is also known as tinea pedis and is caused by a fungus that lives in the warm, moist crevices of the feet and toes. A few simple treatment measures can usually solve the problem of athlete's foot. The secret to any successful treatment is keeping the foot clean and dry. This can be difficult, and it may Involve steps that are easy to forget. That said, none of these steps are excessively difficult.


Athlete's Foot Cream

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Over-the-counter creams work well to help in the treatment of athlete's foot. Usually, these over-the-counter products, when used properly, are sufficient in athlete's foot treatment. Prescription treatments are usually not needed. Some of the most popular brand names include Lamisil and Lotrimin. These preparations in years past required a prescription, but now you can buy and use them without needing to see your doctor first.

While they can be effective in most cases, you will need to carefully follow the instructions. One error that many people make is that they don't continue to use the product for the recommended period of time after their symptoms start to clear up.

Be sure to follow the instructions to the letter. If you don't see relief, you may need to see your doctor to get stronger topical medications or oral medications to clear up your condition.

When athlete's foot fungus gets underneath the nailbed, it can be hard to eradicate with topical treatments. In these situations, consultation with your doctor or a specialist (such as a podiatrist) can be helpful to determine if more aggressive treatment is necessary.


Athlete's Foot Powders

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A simple powder is an excellent treatment for athlete's foot as well as ta way o keep it from coming back if you've used an anti-fungal cream. The fungus that causes athlete's foot likes to live in moist places. A powder will help keep the foot dry and prevent athlete's foot from becoming a problem. Many powder products are available to use in the treatment of athlete's foot—the brand is not particularly important.

Be sure that you dry thoroughly between your toes after you shower or bathe. If you have difficulty bending over to do so, try using a hairdryer to ensure you are getting that area dry. When dealing with her athlete's foot, when it is bad, dry is good...


Athletic Sandals

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If you shower at a gym, locker room, or any other facility used by multiple people, wear a pair of athletic sandals in the shower.

Locker room floors are the home of athlete's foot fungus. It loves steamy shower stalls, carpeted changing area, and just about anywhere else in the gym. Wear a pair of athletic sandals in the gym locker room at all times (including while showering).

You should also consider wearing sandals or open-toed shoes rather than closed-toed footwear while you are clearing up a case of athlete's foot. The increased air circulation will help keep your feet dry and cool, which inhibits fungal growth.


Athletic Socks

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This is the simplest treatment of athlete's foot and the most important in the prevention of athlete's foot. Get lots of pairs of socks, and change them often. Wear fresh socks to exercise, and change them immediately after exercise. Never, no matter how attempted, review socks that you wore for previous athletic activities prior to having them washed. Wash your socks after each use. If you usually wear cotton socks, consider switching to athletic socks made with sweat-wicking fibers such as CoolMax. This will help keep your feet dry.


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