Autism Resources on the Internet

Type “autism” into Google and you’ll find 17,700,000 references. Ready to check them all out? Hopefully, your answer is NO! In fact, though, many parents spend unending hours surfing the Net, hoping to find the one site that will make a difference. Before you find yourself surfing the web at 4 a.m., check out these top sites. All of them are reliable and readable, with links to plenty of specialized services and related organizations.


The Autism Society of America

Mom and autistic son with guide dog
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The Autism Society of America is the nation’s premier autism resource. It’s a chapter and member-based organization, which means you can join up and get involved at the local level. Start here for a good, unbiased introduction to autism, including information on diagnosis, treatment, and much more.


First Signs

Many pediatricians know very little about autism. First Signs is dedicated to changing all that. Explore this site if you suspect your very young child may be Autistic. Share their information with your pediatrician. Then come back from more information about Early Intervention and optimal treatments


The National Institutes of Health Autism Resource Network

The National Institutes of Health Autism Resource Network is a terrific resource for medical information and links to the latest research and findings.



The law has a lot to say about the education of children with disabilities. In fact, there’s so much legal information out there that it’s almost impossible for a layperson to understand it all. But don’t panic – Wrightslaw has it all covered, from federal to state issues ranging from Individualized Educational Programs to Extended School Year, inclusion, and much more.


Future Horizons

No matter what your relationship to autism, you'll find resources galore at this website. Future Horizons is a publisher, a conference organizer, a web resource, and even more. Start here if you're looking for tools for reaching and teaching autistic children, informing grandparents, selecting therapies, finding a community or just browsing.



Autismlink is intended to be a clearinghouse of autism information. You’ll find information about local service providers in your area; information and links about all different types of therapy; chats; forums; and an event calendar including autism workshops, programs and conferences all over the country.



Online Asperger Syndrome Information & Support (also known as OASIS) is the definitive resource for Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s been growing since 1995​ and includes an incredible range of resources and information. Be sure to check out the relatively new OASIS book, also a terrific resource to have on hand.


Autism Speaks

If you’re interested supporting research and advocacy for autism, Autism Speaks is a good place to start. Autism Speaks recently merged with the National Association for Autism Research, and it’s funded in part by the chairman of NBC.


Tammy Glaser's Aut-2-Be Home Site

This is the only personal website on the list. It belongs to Tammy Glaser, a homeschooling parent of an autistic daughter. I included it as a window into the world of an inspirational family who has done an extraordinary job – not only for their own child but for the autism community.

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