Top 10 Items You Need During Cancer Treatment

When going through cancer treatment, there are medical supplies available that make life a little easier. In these top picks, we look at the most-needed things during cancer treatment. You may find them useful in your own care or as a caregiver of patients with cancer.


Shower Chairs

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You would be surprised at how much energy it takes to stand in the shower for 10 minutes or sit up in the bathtub when you are fatigued. Shower chairs make bathing easy and take very little energy from the patient. If you or your loved one is experiencing fatigue from cancer treatment, this is a must-have item.​


Blanket Support

When areas of the body are treated with radiation therapy, the skin can become very sensitive. Sometimes, even blankets are irritating. This device will hold the blanket away from the skin just enough to still keep the warmth of the blanket.


Inflatable Shampoo Basin

Again, this is a great product if you are experiencing fatigue or are on bed rest. This allows a caregiver to wash the patient's​ hair while still in bed.


Disposable Wipes

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When a patient is fatigued, vomiting, and has diarrhea, disposable wipes are necessary. Consider buying them in bulk.


Pill Pulverizer

The Pill Pulverizer allows pills to be crushed easily, then to be put in a liquid. This is great for one that has difficulty swallowing or for patients who take many pills at the same and who are having difficulty swallowing them together or consecutively. It is also great for radiation patients who have dry mouth, which can make it difficult to swallow pills.

Be sure to check with your physician before crushing pills, as it can sometimes alter the effectiveness.


Nosey Cups

Nosey Cups allow drinking while laying down. You don't have to be in an upright position. They have an area cut out to make room for the nose so you can tip and drink without spilling. They are great for children, too.


Bed Tray

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This is a must-have item. A bed tray gives options to the patient who is in bed. The tray allows room for dining, or to read a magazine with hands propped. It even has a nice size game playing space.


No Rinse Personal Care

Sometimes fatigue is so severe, it is just too tiring to bathe. At other times, bathing is restricted for a period after surgery. This type of soap doesn't require rinsing, so you can get clean without water.


Good N Bed Adjustable Wedge

This wedge-shaped contoured support pillow lets you convert it from a sleeping position to two different sitting positions. It's great for people who restricted to bed.


Deluxe Composite Commode

Diarrhea and nausea are both side effects of chemotherapy. Many times there is such an urgency that the patient may not make it to the restroom. Having a bedside commode makes it much easier. If you or the person you're caring for is too self-conscious to use it, consider hanging a sheet around the commode (or using another type of divider) for privacy. Making a private area around it makes it less embarrassing to use.

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