Top 3 Websites to Help You Quit Smoking

There is no way to minimize the fact that quitting cigarettes can be tough. According to research from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, it can take anywhere from six to 30 attempts before a person can finally kick the habit.

Support is key to any cessation effort whether it be from friends, support groups, or medical professionals. The internet can also be a great resource, providing inspiration, referrals, and advice at any hour of the day or night.

Quitting cigarettes is tough enough. Why go it alone? Here are excellent online resources you can turn to whenever you need support.


Quit smoking

Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images is a free online resource offered by the National Institutes of Health in Washington, D.C. It provides all the tools needed to quit smoking and features separate portals for women, teens, veterans, seniors, and Spanish speakers.

Among the features offered by

  • An online tool to schedule and tailor a quitting plan
  • A live, 24-hour helpline to communicate with a trained specialist
  • An online texting app to help guide you through a six- to eight-week quitting plan, providing you three to four texts daily
  • A comprehensive library of smoking cessation articles, FAQs, and referral resources
  • A phone app that allows you to track your cravings, journal your experiences, and receive inspirational messages is, by far, the best, all-in-one service for people wanting to kick the habit once and for all.



Founded in 1995, QuitNet takes a community approach when it comes to quitting cigarettes. Not all facets of the service are free, but QuitNet delivers a high level of social interaction that other websites can't.

With over 60,000 subscribers, QuitNet offers services ranging from personal counseling to one-one medical advice. Better yet, the free IOS app allows for immediate connection to a support network with just the touch of a button.

In addition to online services, QuitNet can help you find live support groups in your area with their handy online locator.


Stop Smoking Center

Stop Smoking Center, an online service managed by Dallas-based Evolution Health, boasts that it is four times more effective in helping people quit smoking than going it alone.​

While it's unclear how well supported these claims are, the website does offer an impressive array of tools to help you on your journey to quit. Among them:

  • A mobile app can put you directly in touch with a virtual coach, provide access to a live coach, and connect you with members of the online support community.
  • Text or email messages to keep you motivated and help you push through cravings throughout the day.
  • An online planning tool allows you to tailor your cessation schedule based on an online questionnaire.
  • Their online forums have over 300,000 posts covering more than 40,000 active topics.

While their online library is somewhat sparse, the ability to interact with others makes this an excellent option if you need support today. In addition to programs to help quitting smoking, the website offers support for depression, anxiety, and weight management.

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