Becoming a Pediatrician - The Facts

Becoming A Pediatrician

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Here are the top ten reasons that you should go to medical school and become a Pediatrician:

10. When you are in med school, you will still get 2-4 weeks off at Christmas, 2 weeks of Spring Break and a nice long summer, while all of your college buddies that got 'real' jobs will be working.

9. Show me the money! OK. Pediatricians are not the best paid doctors, but their average salary of $135,000 a year will put you into the top 5th percentile of salaries in the United States. So while you likely won't become a millionaire in Pediatrics, you will make a nice living.

8. You get to work with kids, who more often than not, get better when they are sick.

7. Even if a lot of your patients are younger infants that cry a lot, since the average visit is just 10-15 minutes, you won't have to listen to them cry all day.

6. By the time you graduate from med school, finish your residency and start practicing as a Pediatrician, they will likely have the whole medical liability and health insurance mess all fixed... or at least it will be fixed before you retire.

5. Moms and Dads are easier to deal with as parents than as patients.

4. 81.5% of pediatricians are either "very satisfied" or "satisfied" with their professional hours, income, skills, and interest level, a level of job satisfaction that you likely won't find in many other careers.

3. Pediatrics is much more than just colds and ear infections and you will see and care for a wide variety of interesting and challenging illnesses, such as depression, asthma, anemia and whatever else you feel comfortable with.

2. You get to see your patients grow up... walking, their first day at school, playing sports, graduating, etc.

1. What else are you going to do... go to law school?

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