Tracee Cornforth


Tracee Cornforth is a freelance writer who has written about women's health issues since 1997. Through her personal experiences, as well as through her family and friends, Tracee has gained considerable knowledge of female reproductive health issues.


Tracee Cornforth is a former writer for Verywell Health covering menstrual health issues. After extensive reconstructive surgery to repair problems caused by childbirth-related pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), Tracee successfully carried her son to term in 1987. She has also dealt with issues such as obesity, menstrual cycle disorders, pregnancy complications, PMS and PMDD, hypertension, hysterectomy, and adoption as she is both an adoptee and a reunited birth mother. As a teen, her daughter experienced many reproductive health conditions such as abnormal Pap test results, the LEEP procedure and Cone biopsy, as well as miscarriage and infertility. Tracee has also spent time as caregiver to her best friend, and both parents when they each were diagnosed with terminal cancers (colon cancer, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer).

Tracee's work has appeared in Pharmaceutical Representative Magazine, and on


 Tracee attended Richland Community College in Dallas, Texas. 

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