Transgender Health

Transgender individuals have gender identities or expressions different from their sex assigned at birth. Learn more about the the importance of quality care and common barriers in transgender health.

Group of pre-teens sitting on a fence.
5-Alpha-Reductase Deficiency: Overview and More
Rear view of a parent and teen walking along a railway track in autumn, Goldstream, Vancouver Island, Canada
Detransition or Retransition: Statistics, Healthcare
Blonde and redhead womaen wrapped in rainbow flag
Tucking: Meaning, How it Works, Safety, Healthcare
Hand holding two wooden blocks, one with male and female symbols, the other a question mark
Sex vs. Gender - Meaning, Healthcare, Controversy
Portrait of a happy homosexual couple
What Is Pansexuality?
Genderqueer: Meaning, Discrimination, Support
pride flag sneakers
What Does Gender Transitioning Mean?
Androgynous person
Androgyny: Meaning, History, Stigma
Cartoon of a racially diverse group of young people
Trans Health in People of Color: Disparities, Access
Hands with colorful painted nails in front of a young boy's face
Gender Non-Conforming: Meaning, Discrimination
A person's torso holding up an image of a megaphone and speech bubble
Voice Surgery for Transgender Individuals
A diverse group of people holding up empty speech bubbles.
Voice Therapy for Transgender Individuals
Chest binding supports male gender expression
Chest Binding: Use, Techniques, Side Effects
Cropped shot of two affectionate young friends having a discussion while walking in the city
Gender Expression: Meaning, Healthcare, Discrimination
Male symbol with female symbol shadow.
Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy - Types, Healthcare
Smiling man with notebook in meeting - stock photo
Phalloplasty: Long-Term Care
Recovering from phalloplasty
Phalloplasty: Recovery
A person wearing a mask with the Columbian flag standing beneath a transgender pride flag blowing in the wind.
Transphobia: History, Meaning, Statistics, Significance
Female doctor helping surgeon wearing glove - stock photo
Phalloplasty: What to Expect on the Day of Surgery
Doctor checking monitor in operating room - stock photo
Phalloplasty: How to Prepare
Nurse putting on latex gloves. On her wrist she wears a bracelet with the lgtb flag. Concept of health and prevention. - stock photo
Phalloplasty: Purpose of Phalloplasty