Traveling Medical Jobs

Do you thrive on travel, but also love the medical field? When you think of jobs that allow you to travel, healthcare jobs may not be the first to pop into your head. However, there are quite a few opportunities in the healthcare workforce that allow you to work in the medical field and travel too! If medicine and travel are your passions, this list is for you!


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Medical device sales jobs usually entail quite a bit of travel. This career typically requires a bachelor's degree and can also be quite lucrative, depending upon the type of equipment you are selling, and the market or territory in which you will be working.



Are you detecting a theme here? Sales careers often involve travel. Typically, pharmaceutical reps do not travel quite as much as medical device reps, because the territories are often smaller in pharma sales, but that is not always the case.

Pharma reps often travel to regional sales meetings, conferences, and trade shows in addition to meeting with their customers.


Travel Nurse

Travel nurses are nurses who, rather than taking one permanent long-term position, opt to take on short-term assignments in a variety of locations.

Travel nursing is great for nurses who want some flexibility and do not wish to be tied down to one position or setting for the long term. Additionally, travel nurses are paid a per diem which covers any living costs for each day they are on a particular assignment.

Travel nursing offers a great deal of variety for those who may get bored or burned out easily, allowing you to experience a variety of practice settings, patient mixes, and new coworkers every few weeks or months, all while visiting different locales!

Locum Tenens Physician

A locum tenens physician is a physician who also opts for short-term assignments in a variety of settings, as opposed to settling into one practice permanently.

Many locum tenens physicians are nearing retirement. Having already shut down their private practice or quit their full-time hospital job, they still wish to practice and earn money, but prefer flexibility. Working in a locum tenens capacity allows physicians to experience a variety of locations and take time off between assignments too.

Not all locum tenens physicians are nearing the end of their careers. Some new physicians want to try out a variety of opportunities upon finishing their training, so they may work as a locum tenens physician for a while before deciding where to settle down and practice for the long-term future.

Military Health Careers

Another way to travel or relocate to a new environment is by joining the military as a healthcare professional. If you join early in your career, the military may also offer training and degree programs that will enable you to obtain the clinical education you need without accruing devastating levels of financial debt.

The military needs health professionals of all types: physicians, nurses, and allied healthcare workers too.

Healthcare Consultant

There are many different types of healthcare consultants who help healthcare organizations run efficiently and profitably.

Healthcare consultants help provide management guidance in all areas of running a hospital or healthcare organization. They may consult on staffing, financial planning, patient flow, process improvement, cost-saving, operations, and more. Additionally, they may help consult on major projects such as ICD-10 implementation, HIPAA compliance, or EHR conversion.

As a healthcare consultant, you would travel to several different accounts to help provide consulting services. You would typically work for a consulting firm. Some consultants work individually as contractors or freelancers, but usually, that requires years of experience after having built up a client base too.