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Treatment Decisions & Safety

It's important to trust your doctor, but remember that you play a key role in ensuring your safety and the effectiveness of your care. Learn more about making treatment decisions.

Explore Treatment Decisions & Safety

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The Role of Minority Stress in Health Disparities
Yellow and white pills
Is Medication Adherence Important?
A man sitting and waiting in his hospital bed
The Weekend Effect and Hospitals
Doctor discussing prescription drugs with patient
6 Questions to Ask Before Taking a Prescription
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Just Culture in Healthcare
Health professionals rushing patient to ER.
The Correlation Between Medical Errors and Death
drug manufacturing
What's an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)?
Close up of man holding a glass of water and medication in his hand
How to Take Oral Medications Properly
Little boy getting a cast on his leg
Curative Care Medical Treatment and Therapy
Doctor checking teenage patients blood pressure with cuff in examination room
How to Avoid Unnecessary Medical Tests
Warfarin pills laying on a sheet of paper
Quick Guide to Warfarin Dosing
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5 Weird but Beneficial Side Effects of Common Drugs
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4 Times-a-Day (QID) or Every 6 Hours (Q6H) Prescription
A veterinarian checking the heartbeat of border collie
Are Animal Medications Safe for Humans to Take?
Senior Woman Holding Daily Pill Container
Pillboxes and Medication Safety
prescription being handed to a patient
How to Read Your Physician's Prescription
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Drug Classes and Medication Classification
Patient receiving their daily dose of methadone
Difference Between Drug Dose and Dosage
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Top 10 Biologic Drugs in the United States
Man holding pill medication
Why Patients Are Noncompliant with Treatment
Safely and Legally Buying Drugs From Online Pharmacies
Taking medication to provide some much-needed relief
Can You Take Motrin and Tylenol Together?
Biologics: Types, Treatable Conditions, Mechanisms, Side Effects
HIV Particles
Brief Guide to Antiviral Drugs
Female doctor and nurse with pill bottles and files in clinic
Active Ingredient in a Medication Function
Nephrons of human kidney, illustration
What You Need to Know About Diuretics
Cipro Antibiotic Treament for Anthrax
How Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics Work
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What Biological Half-Life Means
A woman about to receive a CT scan
How Prevent Exposure From Too Much Medical Radiation
Doctor talking to patient
Goals of Medical Treatment and How to Use Them
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The Truth About Mixing Aspirin and Ibuprofen
A woman examining her prescription bottles
Protection From Quacks and Health Care Fraud
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Why It's Important to Dispose of Drugs Safely
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Categories of Lifestyle Drugs
A patient undergoing a CT scan.
Defensive Medicine and How It Affects Healthcare Costs
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A Closer Look at a Tylenol Overdose