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Nutrition and Weight Loss for Type 2 Diabetes

Nutrition and weight management are key to managing type 2 diabetes. Find tips for weight loss, meal timing, carbohydrate counting, portions, and more.

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Diabetic woman injecting herself with insulin
Does Insulin Cause Weight Gain?
woman who is hyperglycemic
How to Control Hyperglycemia With Diet
Bowl of rice
Eating Rice When You Have Diabetes
woman cracking an egg
Can You Eat Eggs if You Have Diabetes?
Beautiful bowl of plant based foods
How to Eat More Plants to Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes
Tables of fruits and vegetables
The Mediterranean Style Diet May Prevent and Treat Diabetes
diabetes and intermittent fasting
Diabetes and Intermittent Fasting
Sugar on spoons
How Much Sugar Can a Person With Diabetes Have?
no-cook sweet treats
9 No-Cook Sweet Treats for People With Diabetes
woman eating salad
Watch These Nutrients If You Have Diabetes-Related Kidney Disease
Glass of Greek yogurt with berries
The Best Yogurt for People With Diabetes
Preparing Homemade Spaghetti Bolognese
The Truth About Dreamfields "Low-carb" Pasta
Deep-Fried French Fries
Some Foods to Avoid When You Have Diabetes
aspartame definition, uses, safety
5 Best Sugar Substitutes for People With Type 2 Diabetes
Oranges and pomegranate
What Fruit Can You Eat If You Have Diabetes?
Splenda packets
Is Splenda Safe for Diabetes?
ginseng root on plate
How Ginseng May Help Control Blood Sugar
Glucerna Nutrition Shake
Assessing the Pros and Cons of Glucerna Nutritional Shakes
Beautiful mature woman preparing lemon juice at home
Should You Eat More Lemons If You Have Diabetes?
Vegetable platter
Starchy Vegetables: What You Need to Know
Cinnamon in two forms: sticks and powder
Can Cinnamon Help Treat Diabetes?
Bowl of grapefruit, blackberries, and strawberries
Eating Fruit When You Have Diabetes
oatmeal and fruit
Do You Know the Difference Between Simple and Complex Carbs?
Window of the Weight Watchers Store
How Doing Weight Watchers Can Help Prevent Diabetes
breakfast cereal
Should You Eat Cereal for Breakfast If You Have Diabetes?
A close-up view of wheat.
How Fiber Helps Manage Diabetes
Bowl of plantains
How to Incorporate Plantains into a Diabetes Meal Plan
Non-Starchy Vegetables Can Keep You Full
Woman measuring her waist
What Your Waist Size Says About Your Health Risks
Keto salmon salad
Learn How the Process of Keto-Adaptation Works
Mesquite flour on a wooden spoon
Benefits of Mesquite Flour for Type 2 Diabetes
Family taking a break from hiking, Glacier Express Restaurant, Upper Tram Terminal, Alyeska Resort, Mt. Alyeska, Girdwood, Alaska, USA
Diabetes and Fast-Food Choices
Woman eating cake, eyes closed, close-up
Foods That Cause High Triglycerides
Agave syrup
Should People With Diabetes Use Agave Nectar as a Sweetener?
Sugar-free vegan candies
Is Sugar-Free Candy Good for You?
Grain Bowl with Peanut Sauce
How to Eat a Well Balanced Vegetarian Diet With Type 2 Diabetes
High protein no carb meal
A Large, High Protein-High Fat Breakfast Can Help Reduce A1C
Family outside enjoying a meal together
Why People With Diabetes Should Avoid Meal Skipping
Close-Up Of Eggplant In Plate On Table
Try this Vegetable as a Low Carb Option
Picture of Pineapple
How Pineapple Compares to Other Fruits in the Glycemic Index
Young woman exercising in the house
Here's a Tailored Strength Workout Program for Type 2 Diabetes
Various foods rich in carbohydrate. Bread, crisp bread,, lentils, beans, potatoes, corn, rice, soya beans, potatoes, pulses, noodles, oat flakes
How the Glycemic Index Chart Can Help Manage Blood Sugar
Fresh organic spinach
Overview of Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Diet
bananas as a snack
How to Snack Right When You Have Diabetes
Apple Sauce Is a Soft Food
What to Eat When You Have Gastroparesis
Photo composite of a poke bowl and a salad bowl on a teal overlay background.
Best Diabetic Meal Delivery Services of 2021
High Angle View Of Chicken And Rice In Plate Against White Background
Type 2 Diabetes Diet
Foods rich in protein
Know How Much Protein You Can Eat With Diabetes
Young woman carries a shopping basket filled with fresh produce
Foods You Shouldn't Eat With Diabetes and What to Have Instead
Friends enjoying meal in cafe, cropped
Eating Out With Diabetes and Keeping It in Control
A variety of gift basket ideas
Unique Gift Basket Ideas for People With Diabetes
gluten-free diabetes diet
Gluten-Free AND Diabetic? Learn How You Can Juggle Both Diets
Foods to avoid when you have diabetes
These Foods Fall on the Do-Not-Eat List If You Have Diabetes
Woman holding Mobile phone with food diary app
How to Count Carbs
Top view of wholegrain and cereal composition shot on rustic wooden table.
Is There a Specific Amount of Carbohydrates to Eat Daily?
A food diary.
Carbohydrate Counting and Plate Method Meal Plans for Type 2 Diabetes
Cucumber water
Diet Soda and Other Sugar-Free Beverage Options for Diabetes
Fresh Baked Bread On Table
The Best Bread for People With Diabetes
Keto, ketogenic diet, low carb, high good fat , healthy food
Is the Ketogenic Diet Safe for People With Diabetes?
crackers with peanut butter
On a Diabetic Diet? We Have a 1400-Calorie Meal Plan for That