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Vaccines and Immunizations

Vaccines and immunizations aren't just for kids. Learn what is recommended for who (and when) and the significant role shots can play in keeping you healthy.
girl getting a bandaid after receiving her shot
Mandatory vs. Recommended Vaccinations
Woman getting a shot.
UTI Vaccine Shows Promise
woman getting a shot in her arm
What to Know About the Typhoid Vaccine
Nurse giving older man a vaccine
Medicare Covers These Vaccines: Is It Worth a Shot?
Tips to Avoid Hospital Infections
Male doctor giving female patient an injection in clinic examination room
Recommended Vaccinations for Healthcare Workers
Child vaccination
Safety of the MMR Vaccine for Kids With Egg Allergies
Boy getting a shot
Why Do Some Kids Need Two Flu Shots?
Doctor giving young girl flu shot
Flu Shots: Timing, Side Effects, and More
Father holding newborn son
Who Should Not Get Flu Shots
Young man smiles in relief at pharmacist after flu vaccination
Afluria Flu Vaccine Jet Injector: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages, Precautions
Woman blowing her nose
Why Isn't There a Vaccine for the Common Cold?
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Survey: Effective Vaccine Conversations Rely on Open Communication
Grandmother lying in bed with baby
5 Vaccines All Grandparents Should Get
Hispanic boy getting a shot at doctor's office
Vaccines in People Allergic to Eggs: What's Safe?
Boy getting flu shot
Common Side Effects of the Influenza Vaccine
Flu vaccine
When is it Too Late to Get a Flu Shot?
Should You Get a Flu Shot If You Have an Egg Allergy?
Man washing hands in sink
How to Prevent the Risk of Infectious Diseases
flu shot
Hospice Patients and the Flu Vaccine
Flu shot
Can I Get A Flu Shot While Sick?
A syringe is injected into a vial
Do Vaccines Contain Aborted Fetal Tissue?
Healthcare worker prepares a inoculation vaccine
How Smallpox Vaccine Helped Win the American Revolution
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Why Is It So Hard to Make an HIV Vaccine?
Girl receiving vaccine
Preventing Chickenpox: Avoidance and Vaccination
young woman receiving HPV vaccine
Study Shows Gardasil to Be Highly Effective
Woman administering a vaccine
Overview of Inactivated Vaccines
MMR vaccine
What You Need to Know About Live Virus Vaccines
Girl is Feeling Sick and Wrapped in Blanket
Tamiflu and Its Safe Use for Kids
boxes of tamiflu
Taking Tamiflu to Treat the Flu
Parents holding baby girl while pediatrician prepares vaccination
The MMR Vaccination-Autism Controversy
teenage boy bracing himself for injection from a doctor
Overview of HPV Vaccine Gardasil 9 for Boys
Young boy getting a shot
Does Your Child Need a Flu Shot?
Cervical Cancer Vaccine
Recommended Immunization Schedule for Teens
Caring doctor talks with young patient
Measles Prevention
Medical consultation
Recommended Vaccines for Adults