15 Ways to Feel and Live Well With Hypothyroidism

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Whether you're newly diagnosed as hypothyroid, or have been living with an underactive thyroid for years...whether you're hypothyroid due to treatment for Graves' or hyperthyroidism, surgery, or whether you have autoimmune hypothyroidism...there are a number of things you can do to start feeling better.

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Know and Understand Your Thyroid Blood Test Results

It's not enough to have your doctor tell you that your test results are "normal." You need to know the numbers so you can know what your doctor's philosophy is as far as aggressiveness of treatment and so you can work with your doctor to determine the optimal levels for your own wellness.

To find out more about how to do this, read:

Know Whether You Are at the Optimal TSH Level for You to Feel Well

Some people need to be at the lower end of the normal TSH range, around a TSH of 1, to feel best. Others do best in the middle of the range, or even high-normal levels. Where you feel best is unique to you and finding that level is a critical part of feeling well.

Know Your T3 Levels and Whether You Have Enough T3 to Feel Well 

Some doctors believe that even when TSH levels are normal and you're on levothyroxine (i.e., Synthroid) for your hypothyroidism, if you have low T3 levels, you may still be suffering from hypothyroidism and symptoms.

Find out how to have your T3 levels tested, and what to do about it if the levels are low.

Find the Best Possible Doctor to Be Your Partner in Wellness

Do you need an endocrinologist? Or would a holistic or alternative doctor be the best for you? And once you decide, how do you find the best doctors?

These are all important questions you need to answer because having a good, caring and smart doctor—one who is your partner in the search for solutions and wellness—is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your health.

To find out what type of doctor you might need, and how to find the best thyroid doctors, see:

Get Support from Other Thyroid Patients 

Whether in-person or online, speaking to others in your shoes can help. Support is an essential part of getting well and staying well. You can find others who sympathize and understand your symptoms, you will discover that you are not the only one struggling to get well, and learn important information and ideas from others who are moving forward successfully on the path to wellness.

Keep Track of Your Own Records and Test Results

With today's 10-minute doctor's appointments and revolving door HMOS and with the population moving more frequently, it's absolutely essential that you keep track of your own health records and thyroid test results.

Get Inspired by Learning How Others Have Achieved Success

Dozens of people have shared their success stories online, talking about how they've gotten successfully diagnosed, found the perfect doctor, regained their energy, and lost weight. There's so much inspiration and motivation to be found in these compelling stories.

Learn the Best Ways to Take Your Thyroid Drugs

Do you know why you shouldn't take your thyroid medicine with calcium-fortified orange juice? Or why not to take calcium supplements at the same time as your thyroid hormone? How and when you take your thyroid hormone may be making your drugs less effective.

Learn more now about the best ways to take your thyroid drugs and what interactions to watch out for:

Learn How to Manage the Stress of Chronic Disease

Having a chronic condition like hypothyroidism can be stressful. And stress can make the condition worse.

Find out how to break out of this catch-22 situation and more effectively manage stress, as an important part of feeling well.

Try a Mind-Body Technique Like Yoga

Mind-body techniques like yoga and tai chi can actually reduce the body's stress hormones, and some practitioners believe they can help your hypothyroidism.

Be Careful About Eating too Much of Certain Foods

Overconsumption of soy isoflavones and certain vegetables may contribute to your risk of hypothyroidism, or worsen an existing condition. To be sure you're not sabotaging your own thyroid health, learn about the foods and vegetables that may interfere with your thyroid.

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Lose Weight

Difficulty losing weight is frequently the main complaint of people with hypothyroidism. Find out some secrets of losing weight with hypothyroidism.

Read Some of the Best Books on Thyroid Disease and Hormonal Health 

Education is key, and there are several books that can really make a difference in your efforts to understand your thyroid condition and to feel well.

Don't Be Afraid to Stick Up For Yourself 

Being an empowered, assertive patient may be the difference between suffering in silence, and getting the treatment you need to truly feel well.

Check out the following resources for help being a more empowered patient.

Stay Informed on the Latest Thyroid News

There are constantly new reports about hormonal health, thyroid disease, weight loss, nutrition and supplements, and other things you need to know in order to live well and stay well.