10 Ways Thyroid Patients Can Feel Better


What's the Pain In Your Neck?

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Get properly diagnosed and treated. If you're trying to get properly diagnosed, or resolve continuing problems, my Risks and Symptoms Checklists can help:


What's In Your Bottle?

Be sure your thyroid drug treatment is optimized. If you are on thyroid hormone replacement -- and almost everyone, whether hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, goiter, nodule or cancer patient ends up on it -- what's in that bottle can make the difference between whether you feel well, or suffer with chronic life-long symptoms. Some general guidelines:

  • You can be on the "right" brand of thyroid drug, but if you're on the wrong dose, you won't feel well.
  • If you're on one brand of levothyroxine (i.e., Synthroid) and don't feel well, you might do better on another brand, i.e., Levoxyl, Unithroid, Tirosint
  • If you're on a levothyroxine drug and don't feel well, you might benefit from the addition of T3 (i.e., Cytomel, or compounded T3)
  • Some people do best on the prescription natural desiccated thyroid drugs, like Armour Thyroid or Nature-Throid

For more guidance, read several helpful articles:


Are There the Right Initials After the Name?

Make sure you have the right type of doctor. What type of doctor is likely to be the best fit with your approach to health? For some people, it may be an endocrinologist, others want someone who focuses specifically on the thyroid, and for some, an alternative or holistic doctor is best. Take this quiz to explore some of your own feelings about your health care, the style and personality of your doctor, your thoughts about alternative medicine, and you'll get an automatic assessment of the type of doctor you might find best for your health care.

And learn more about how to find top thyroid doctors.


Find a Doctor Who Is Up on the New TSH Range

At most laboratories in the U.S., the "normal" TSH range runs from approximately 5. to 5.0. Yet -- as long ago as 2002, experts recommended that the reference range be changed to .3 to 3.0. This recommendation is still a raging controversy, and recommendations to some doctors have adopted the new standard, while others still cling to the old values.


Take the Math Test

Understand TSH. I know it's confusing, and hard to figure out sometimes. TSH goes up, thyroid goes down, medicine goes up...it can give you a headache. But isn't this the year you master at least the TSH issue and figure out what it means? Here's some help to get started!

Why Low TSH means Less Medicine and Other Confusing Issues -- understanding the relationship between blood tests and dosages.


Don't Believe Everything You Hear

Question the myths and thyroid rumors your doctor and pharmacist spread. Many people have opinions about thyroid disease -- your doctors, friends, family, coworkers, etc. But not all of it is particularly accurate. For example, a week doesn't go by that I don't hear about some doctor or pharmacist pronouncing that "Armour Thyroid is going off the market!" Or patients tell me that their doctor believes that Synthroid is the best thyroid hormone replacement drug, with no exception. Or the holistic practitioners who say that "all thyroid patients should take iodine." Or the endocrinologists who believe that radioactive iodine is the only treatment for hyperthyroidism. When it comes to these sorts of blanket statements, I have one thing to say: "is that so?"


Join the Social Networking Thyroid World

Social networking like Twitter and Facebook are now part of the way information reaches us on a daily basis. I dived in, and eventually figured out the uses of Twitter and Facebook for connecting with other thyroid patients and people interested in health issues.

There is a great deal of valuable information and networking out there, and it's never too late to jump in!


I Know We Say This Every Year, But...

This is the Year to Lose the Weight!

We all say it every year -- me included -- but this is going to be the year to get in shape, and lose the thyroid weight!

To get started, take my Quiz: Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat?

Then, visit the Thyroid Diet Weight Loss Center, where you'll find out about the many ways you can achieve healthier weight loss in the coming year.


Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Stay informed about the latest developments in thyroid disease. Drugs are recalled, test ranges are changed, doctors fight it out in public, and life goes on for thyroid patients!! but if you don't know about these developments, you may be missing critically important information that can affect your health. Stay in tune three ways!!


But I Just Want to Be Exactly Like I Was Before

Understand being healed vs. cured. Many of us spend a great deal of time trying to be exactly like we were before our thyroid condition started. But we need to know when it's time to stop looking for cures and start focusing on true healing. Being healed means first accepting yourself as you are, refusing to live in the past, learning how to value yourself, and above all, finding the positive effects that thyroid disease has had on your life. Read I'm Tired, I'm Frustrated, and I GIVE UP! What To Do When You've Reached the End of Your Rope?.

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